Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Update on my Mighty Whale

This magnificent antique rug has been on my 'to hook' list for several years and finally getting around to hook it.  

Am using wool from my obnoxious collection since there are 3 lifetimes of wool on the shelves.  Am not over dying anything ~ will make do with what I have and make it work.
You see those red lines I'm sure.  When first drawing out the pattern I'd considered hooking the INSIDE lines (not exterior border lines) wavy like the original antique appeared in the photo.  But after thinking about it decided to keep the border and inside rug hooked on the straight of grain.  Sure would make it easier for me.

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with my graduating classmates of 1959.  OMG, where did the time go????  Will take my digital camera which is showing signs of failing so hope to capture some photos to share.



  1. I think your colors are looking good - didn't realize you hadn't touched them up a bit 😉 Have a fun lunch!

  2. the whale looks good. Have a wonderful time with your class mates.

  3. Looks real good , saundra!
    You are getting alot done!
    Great u can use up,,,,

  4. Mighty Whale is looking mighty fine.
    Hope you had a great time visiting classmates.

  5. Old Moby is ruling the sea. Looking GOOD! Janice

  6. Love how this Whale rug is coming along ! The water looks great ! Hope you had a great time at your class reunion !!!

  7. Hi Saundra,
    I have been playing "catch up" with your posts so am commenting well past the posting but just wanted to see your progress!! As I said, I LOVE this pattern!!
    Enjoy your hooking time!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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