Monday, December 16, 2019

Lucky Me!

Lucky me to be the recipient of a giveaway hosted by Cathy of Acorn Hollow.  Last year I watched Cathy as she was hooking this sleigh design and commented how much I adored it and her hooking.  Asked where she got it and she said from Cushing.  Then I inquired at Cushing about purchasing the design but never received a response.
Fast forward 11 months from the time I saw Cathy's blog post and I'm now the lucky recipient of her giveaway.  Seems her hooking group had a pattern exchange and this is what she received, a duplicate of what she had previously hooked.  
So lucky me to now have it; thank you Cathy!!!!!!  This will be the next on my frame.

In Cushing's defense I'm guessing these were freebies given to folks who ordered just before or during the winter holidays so it wasn't for sale and no need to contact me.



  1. Congrats! That looks like a fun one for winter:-)

  2. So glad you got it! I am waiting with baited breath to see what you do with it!

  3. I'm sure that will be hooked and bound before Christmas gets here!!!

  4. What a great surprise. Can't wait to see how you hook it.

  5. Thats great!
    Congratulations, ,,,
    Love it,,,
    How exciting,,,

  6. Congratulations !!!! Nice you get a fun gift too for all your helpful suggestions & great tips !!! That is so cute !!! Will be even more fun to hook this !!!

  7. How wonderful to get a freebie rug pattern. Cannot wait to the colors you choose, but still look for to seeing ole Moby finished. Janice

  8. What a cute pattern! You were, indeed, lucky.

  9. Hi Saundra,
    Lucky you!!! Looking forward to seeing you hook this one!!! Such a fun rug and sweet Giveaway!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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