Friday, January 24, 2020


Actually there are a couple 'befores' and a couple 'afters'.  Get a cup-o-java or tea as this might be a rather long post about tweaking a rug.  Guess I should start from the very beginning.

A friend gave me a pattern (Golden in the Garden) by Nola Heidbreder so went in search of a hooked example on her web site.
The very first tweaking was turning the Golden into Rottweiler to represent my boy Ben.  Here is the before.
This is the after.  I hooked Ben's facsimile at home before rug camp.  My teacher was someone I'd had classes with before and wanted to concentrate on a more primitive background and flowers vs. the screaming color of the original which is not my color palate
Even after hooking Ben I tweaked his head and muzzle a little more. Below is the way the rug looked upon finishing it in 2018.  Yet a couple of those bland colored flowers just didn't suit me.  True they weren't vivid but lacked interest in my opinion.

So yesterday it was finally time for me to do something, anything to add a tad of interest to those bland flowers without have a total makeover.  And this is the new 'after'.  This I can live with.  All I did was outline some flowers and fill in the center of others.
Just look at the variance in photos.  The last photo was taken without a flash on my back porch and has more true colors of the background.  The one above was with a flash and makes the background look yellow.  The background is Irish Eyes which was a favorite background color that Betsy used to sell.

So there you have it, another tweak job by me.  Happy Friday and now I can continue working on Heart Butter Mold and hope it will be done in time for Valentine month.



  1. Wow - that made quite a difference.

  2. I hate trying to get the true colors of a hooked rug. It's so hard.
    Nice tweak job :)

  3. Looks even prettier after you tweaked it !!!

  4. A good tweak I like the difference

  5. I'm amazed out a few changes made such a huge difference.

  6. Amazing what changes a mat,, saundra!
    Looks great,,,
    Its good to be home!
    Thanks for ur emails,
    Much appreciated, ,,♡♡

  7. Hi Saundra,
    I have always loved that rug and your changes have made it even better!!! Sweet Ben!!
    Enjoy your weekend and hooking time!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  8. Love your Ben and the background is fabulous in those colors!

  9. Hi,
    I follow you #323 , follow back?

  10. I still love your tribute to Ben no matter how you change it. Janice

  11. It really did make a difference. I admire you for going back and doing that . I have an older rug that needs a tiny tweaking to make a star show up. Have stared at it on the wall for several years now, but haven’t made the effort to take it down and make the change.


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