Sunday, February 2, 2020

Lancaster Barnyard

As expected there was no need to identify the design in my previous post because a few people knew exactly what I was working on.  The design is by Lori Brechlin and purchased a few years ago in PDF form.  After envying  all those others as they were hooking theirs, I'm finally hooking it.
Am sure all of you have heard of "Murphy's Law".  Well Murphy struck again.  I woke up to no heat and inside temp of 59*.  Thank goodness it was a mild night last night instead of below freezing.

Why couldn't the furnace or heat pump have gone bad on Friday?  Why on Super Bowl Sunday that I need to call my HVAC guy?  The furnace is newer than the heat pump so maybe it is the heat pump.  Guess I'll find out later today what the financial damages will be this time.

Am thinking there will be no heat tonight because even if I'm lucky enough for it to only need a part it will need to be ordered.  If I'm unlucky and need a whole new replacement that might take a couple days to get.  All I can say is thank you God for giving mild temperatures the next couple days.  

Hope your week has gone better than mine.  Oh, and you know things usually run in THREEs.  Hope this is not the case.



  1. Oh no I am so sorry for the no heat. That is when I am thAnkful for out ugly old Woodstock. I somehow do not remember that pattern but it is cute.

  2. Ohhh No !!!! That Darn Murphy's Law !!!!
    Love Lori's pattern you are hooking !!!

  3. Hi Saundra,
    Hoping for the best for you and so very happy the temps are more mild!!! So very sorry it had to happen AT ALL!!
    LOVE this pattern and it is looking really good!!!
    One good thing about rug hooking is that it will sure keep you WARM!!
    Sending Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  4. Oh the joys of home ownership :( I hope it is just a minor problem and thankfully not frigid outside.
    LB is lookin' good.

    1. Hope you get your heat soon. It usually happens when you really need it. UGH the joys of owing a home. Look forward to seeing your version of Lor's rug. Janice

  5. Yikes,,, hope u have heat by now!
    Always the way!
    Loving ur start on loris pattern,,,
    I loved doing this one and have it on my hooking room floor,,,
    Good luck!


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