Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Spring?

The calender tells us that spring has arrived, Pauxatauney Phil made his prediction, my yard is showing signs it is spring, or close to it..... but, the temperatures are below records for this time of year in Delaware.  Here you can see the periwinkle and one daffodil in this group that survived the nighttime frigid temperatures of late.

I'm waiting for bird activity in my many birdhouses which I have spread around this woodland wonderland.  I've even tried to entice birds with a little painting of an ivy around the front of this one... no takers yet.  But then this is too far from my house to watch the activity while hooking.  So it could be there will be occupants there soon.

I do not know how many birdhouses I have in my yard but know there are many and my many bird feeders keep me busy.  My register receipts can testify to the fact that I have many birds calling for the black oil sunflower seeds that I willingly provide sustenance for.  Oh, and let us not forget the squirrels who take more than their fair share.

I can see a birdhouse which needs repair, but perhaps the future resident will like it's modern entry and exit design.  Sure will make it easier for the little ones to learn to fly out rather than up and out.

And then I like this bird house.  I used to have an unrepairable cuckoo clock in the center of that heart but that finally disintegrated after several years so put this birdhouse for a new occupant with spacial living accommodations.

And of course spring would not be spring without the pollen spread by bumble bees.  Here is a cloth bumblebee I made (you can see it on my web site) and it is carrying it's own bee skep with Sweet Annie to help pollenate my big woodland wonderland.

OH!  That green birdhouse in the above picture with the vintage door knob was purchased at Cape May, NJ and was made with pieces of the Chalefont Hotel.  I attend rug camp each September at the Chalefont hotel so this is a wonderful reminder of my time there.  Each day when I look at it brings back fond memories of hooking with my pals and walking the beach.

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  1. Oh, my see forsythia actually blooming and daffodils! Such hope! We are gearing for another snowstorm...I'm hoping for an April Fool's Joke!
    Love all of your bird houses. The visits from the feathered friends make me happy indeed!


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