Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day

Hey, how 'bout that..... I got my followers back.  Let's see if everything else works.

Yesterday I sat up a booth at the local Heritage Day Celebration.  When I looked at the weather report in the morning it said 10% chance of rain until noon and then it spiked to 45% between noon and 2 p.m.  I do have a canopy but since most of my hooked rugs that I offer for sale were on display at the library I only planned to take a few hooked pieces and mostly my Americana items and few primitive dolls.  Besides, if thunderstorms were fast approaching I didn't want to be attached to metal framing of a canopy and be a lightening rod attraction ~ I wanted to get out of Dodge fast.  However I did take a couple plastic tarps to cover things if I needed.

I took two tables; this is one table with my lattice work around it for hanging some items.
This other table was to my left so that I could sit in the shade between the two and demonstrate how to hook, should someone have an interest.  And as you can see I had a front row seat to the music.  Luckily the band was very good and not extremely loud and kept my feet tappin' to the rock n roll I remember so well.

In the foreground is a lady who is caning a chair and just beyond her is a basket weaver.  

There was also a soap maker, blacksmith and of course one of my favorite animals.... horses.  There were two horse drawn carriages and it only cost $4 per ride around the mansion property; can you imagine what the cost would be for a similar ride in Cape May, NJ or New York?

When I was a teen I had my own horse, which  my father sold just before my 16th birthday without my knowledge.  I came home from school one day and there was Richie tethered to a wooden slat of a truck.  He neighed and I cried but no matter how much I begged my father to not sell him back then a kid just didn't challenge the parent.  He said I'd be wanting a car not a horse and tho I tried to convince him that I didn't need my own car my words went on deaf ears.  I used to love lifting up his mane and smelling that sweet horse smell which was captured and contained under the confines of his mane.  Mmmmmmm, fond memories.

Now, listen to this..... this was in 1958 and you know what kind of car I got for my horse?  A 1948 Plymouth.  Yeah, that's right.  All my other friends had the fan tail Chevy's and Fords and mine was 10 years older, no signals, smelled like oil, had the knob to prime it for starting (dang, forget the name of it now).  But of course now I wish I had that old 1948 vehicle.

So then yesterday I had a glorious day petting and sniffing every horse on the premises.  The ponies below were, with the exception of the two taller horses, had all been rescued as told to me by the owner.  He explained how emaciated they once were and were going to be sold for dog food; but just look at them now.  Perhaps they all knew how fortunate they were to have been found and cared for in a loving way as they were the sweetest little show offs.  One, would even stop and smile when it saw someone getting ready to take it's picture.  I didn't believe it but was confirmed by an attendant there as well.

The horse in the background is Toby and the rest are his harem.  Toby was also a wonderful horse.  Felt so good to feel the powerful muscles and rub their velvety muzzle, and enjoy the sweet aroma of horseflesh and leather.  Ahhhh,

So then yesterday was not a total wash out, even tho about 1:45 I had to scramble and yank everything hanging and cover it with my tarps while it poured for about 5 minutes.  Luckily the music and food tent was close by which is where I retreated during the cloud burst.

Happy Memorial Day to everyone and God Bless those of you who are now serving or have served in the military to keep our country free.  And God Bless those who made the ultimate sacrifice of giving up their life in defense of our United States of America.

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