Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good News and Better News

The good news is that I've finished hooking my Frost Sheep rug and it has been steam pressed.  It still needs to be bound and I'll get around to doing that because it will go to Cape May in September for the annual rug show.  Then when it comes home will reside over the fireplace mantle in the living room.  But I was so anxious to show you the rug that I just turned the backing under to photograph it. 

And, the better news is that I think I'll have a new roommate and companion.  That's right, I've applied for and have been accepted to adopt a Rottweiler thru the Majesty Rottweiler Rescue organization.  You'd think I was applying for a government security clearance with the investigation and research they go thru.  But it makes sense.  Anyone can have an animal but they do not want people perpetuating the inhumane treatment, abuse or neglect to animals so they do good investigation. 

So tomorrow there will a home visit to see if I am a good fit with Bella.  And, they requested that the person who will be watching her when I go to rug camps be in attendance tomorrow as well to see how Bella is a fit there as well.  You can read all about Bella here:  http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/20189244

So, earlier today I went out and got a new bed, new collar, some new toys, food similar to what she was getting.  Pro Plan Chicken and Barley was recommended but when I went to the pet store they said they have discontinued using that brand.  And instead has suggested this: http://www.veruspetfoods.com/products/for-dogs/canine-bags/verus-life-advantage-chicken-meal-oats-and-brown-rice-formula-dry-dog-food.html .   The pet store said they decided to do a lot of research on different brands, where it is processed, where the food comes from, etc; we all know what happened with the food from China.  He said the chicken used in this food comes from Tyson in the US and is human grade food.  So hey, that sold me and hope Bella likes it too.

I'm trying to get my cleaning done, need to cut the grass today and then can spend important time with Bella getting her acclimated to her new home.  Oh, and still need to bring down the crate from the attic.  I crate trained both my Rotties and Shadow and they were never put in the crate as punishment, but rather to let them have their den when I'm gone so that I'm happy they were good while I was gone (no boo boos in the home) and they are happy that I'm happy.  It will also be a good place for her to just walk into and lay down if the transition seems a little daunting at first.  Since dogs are den animals anyway, it will be her special place.  Then, once I know her habits and can be trusted loose all day, i will put that crate back upstairs in the attic, and life will be great.

This is not to replace Shadow as there will never be another Shadow.  The adoption of a Rottweiler is because I love the breed, have had Rotties before and I desperately want a four-legged companion to keep me company.  Besides, I feel a littly silly talking to the empty house.  Just might be rather busy the next couple days but will check in to let you know how we are doing.


  1. Beautiful job on the sheep rug! I love it!

    I am so happy for you about Bella! I am working on Hubby to convince him to let me adopt a cat. I will anyway, but would rather have him fully on-board! I think he thinks it'll bum Gus the dog out too much. I think Gus will actually like a companion. Rotties are nice dogs...at least the ones I've met who were big old babies and so lovey.
    Have fun!

  2. Saundra ~
    I'm lovin' the rug, too!!!
    You know how I feel about rescue, so of course I'm thrilled to hear you are in the adoption process. I'm sure you will pass the "test" with flying colors. Please keep us posted.
    Pug hugs :)
    P.S. I'm sure Shadow is smiling down at you from the Rainbow Bridge, happy knowing that you are rescuing :)

  3. I so love that rug I really want to hook it when my other 199 projects are done.
    So happy you will have a new room mate.

  4. Being a big rescue person myself I appreciate anyone who takes that course of action, so....THANK YOU!
    Love the rug and look forward to seeing what your next project is!
    ps...I agree with Lauren about Shadow smiling down on you!

  5. Saundra , The sheep is beautiful well done but better yet you have found a new friend! There were several rottweilers that were service dogs at the hospital I worked at. Everyone loved when they would come to visit the patients.The owners would have them dressed up! a Big dog dressed up is funny but better yet they were so friendly.Be sure and take pictures of Bella when you get a chance and she has settled down to her new home. Hugs Cheri

  6. Bella is a cutie! You know, people say I look like a Rottweiler...with really short legs.
    I'm happy for you, and especially happy for Bella to find a home. I'm certain that everything will work out perfectly. Yay!


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