Friday, July 22, 2011

My Dear Deer

God but I do love my critters and living on a wooded piece of land with wildlife all around.  And when summer time comes and knowing there will be a lack of water for them I keep a water bucket filled on each side of the property to provide water for my deer.  Right now it requires a complete fill up every morning from an almost empty bucket. Obviously they know this is a safe haven and that I won't be having venison for dinner.  Here are only two of numerous photos I took from the window not knowing if I would get a better closer picture later or not. I'm only showing you two of the many. 

These twins still have spots and the mother is in the back toward the far back left and I can see her, perhaps you can too from the photo. I'm sure she has her alarm system to tell them to skedaddle but they are grazing comfortably close to the house and no need for alarm right now.
At one point I thought they were going to go on the deck toward the trickling sound of my fish pond, but they didn't.
These youngsters haven't been weaned yet because after nibbling on leaves and grass they went back to mum for more nutrients. I watched to be sure the youngsters did not go near the salt lick that I have in the back too, as it can kill a very young deer.
Life is good in these here woods. 


  1. so sweet and how nice you leave them a drink in all this heat

  2. Saundra ~
    I live in the city but with some woods not far from me. This year the deer are nibbling far too many of my plants!
    How nice that you provide a cool drink for them.
    Pug hugs :)

  3. How special. I know I have deer in the woods behind us...I've seen evidence, but still no sightings of them! I keep a look-out though.

  4. Sweet! Thanks for thinking of the deer and bring them fresh water....I just know they love you!

  5. How beautiful! What a peaceful setting.

  6. How sweet!!! That is so nice to think of those sweet deers.


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