Thursday, April 12, 2012

Look'n Good

I am really liking how this beauty is looking.  Tho I must admit that I've hooked and ripped out and replaced at least one color in each of the swags.  I'd really wanted to use either the grey and white herringbone which spells "Liberty", or wanted to use the cream which is in the stripes in the blanket, they both seemed to pop too much so replaced them.  I'm posting a picture with a flash so you can see a more detailed view, however this is not how bright it looks in person.

Perhaps I could have, should have chosen a different yellow for the stars, either a darker or brighter color, I'm not going to pull those babies out again even tho they are close in value to the background.  And, while I did take out some loops in the swag on the right side it still wants to bulge a little.  Hopefully when I steam the rug I can manipulate it to make it more straight.  For some reason the swags on top didn't  do that.

This is a really fun project Robin, thank you.


  1. It looks great. Steaming makes a world of diffrence for sure.

  2. wow...Saundra, I couldn't have imagined it looking this cute when I drew it up !! I LOVE how you've used the colors and textures..
    Can I post about it on my blog ??


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