Monday, May 27, 2013


My choice of design to hook at Woolley Fox camp was Barb's Oh Deer rug.  I saw it in 2012 just after she hooked it.  I was spell bound and knew it was going to be a future rug of mine.  Barb enjoys the color planning process and tries to use as much wool a student brings as she can ~ but of course the colors have to work with one another so sometimes it means buying a smidgen of wool to pull it all together. 

This is what I've accomplished so far.  The color palate is a brighter than I normally hook and anticipated it would be a little more dull and primitive.  So for sure this will remind me of the over the top laughter and fun times we had for 3 days with Barb and our gal pals.  Perhaps the happiness influenced her brighter fun colors.
Since arriving home, unfortunately there has been less fun pulling loops and more time spent on laundry, yard work, and other responsibilities.  Plus spending lots of make-up time with my boy Ben, who gave me a very warm welcome home... he missed his mommy.

I was in a turmoil as to which Woolley Fox design I would work on once arriving home ~ would it be the Henny Penny that was started just before camp or the Oh Deer?  Well, the Oh Deer won out.

Today I spent some time with my son, DIL and grandson Zach and their friends.  Hope you all had a happy and safe Memorial Day.



  1. Saundra ~
    Glad you got to spend time with your family! Has your DIL talked you out of any rugs?
    Oh Deer is a wonderful pattern! You've gotten a lot done!!!
    Hugs :)

  2. That is bright! What a wonderful souvenir of a fun time for you :)

  3. It is good to go out of our comfort zones now and then I know I need to do it more.
    I love the deer. So glad you got to spend time with family.

  4. Thanks for sharing your Woolley Fox experience. I am going for the first time in August and I can hardly wait!!


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