Saturday, June 1, 2013

Life after Woolley Fox

Getting back to routine kept me away from hooking as much as I'd have liked but here is Oh Deer 11 days after it was started.  Now that some of the background has been hooked closer to the deer, the rug doesn't appear to be as bright.  Or at least it doesn't look as bright in my home as it does in the picture and may have appeared brighter with the light linen next to the deer and with the primitive dark it tames it down a tad. 
My friend Lauren tries so hard to get me in the habit of informing everyone the dimensions of the rug I'm hooking and I always forget.  Since she kindly reminded me again this morning, the design measures 24 x 33.  Thank you Lauren, I'm sure everyone else who has visited the site or will visit would wonder the size as well.

Today there's more yard work to do and hope to accomplish some before it gets too dreadfully hot out there.  Spring took a long time coming but sure did kick it up a notch from spring straight to summer heat and humidity, that's for sure.

Can't wait for summer red ripe juicy tomatoes to come on the vines of the local farmers.  Since I live on a very acidic soil with lots of pine trees my growing of tomatoes has not been successful here.  Summertime I could live on corn on the cob and fresh tomatoes.  Many times that is all I eat for lunch or sometimes for dinner. 

Tomorrow I plan to post another tutorial of sorts, for binding a round mat.



  1. We didn't have much of a spring, either, but in a couple days it's supposed to be back in the 60's. I got behind on yard work and now have LOTS of catching up to do.
    You will be done with your rug soon! Please tell us how big it is. I'm sure it is much bigger than it looks.
    Happy Saturday to you and Ben.
    Hugs :)

  2. Your deer is looking good...I need to get back to my hooking.

  3. I always ask because you always hook these bigger rugs in record time :)

  4. Your rug is coming along nicely, Saundra ! I am with you on the tomatoes...nothing beats a ripe from the vine, summer tomato.
    Thick slices of tomato topped with mozarella cheese under the broiler...yum !


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