Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rug Hooking Demo

On Monday I volunteered to do a traditional rug hooking demo at a nursing care facility in town.  I was hoping that perhaps some of the seasoned ladies may have hooked sometime in their past but no one in the room had. 

My goal was to just stimulate the minds of the ladies and to fill in a little space of time in their day with something fun.  I took several smallish hooked pieces with various designs in the hopes it would provide some spark or twinkle to the eye and let each of them hold and feel the texture of the hooked items. 

Here I am showing the women an antique hook, which is a nail embedded in a crudely carved piece of wood and a latch hook and explained that this was not the type of hook used for traditional rug hooking.  Heck, I've no clue how in the world to even use a latch hook.

Below I am explaining how we 'outline and fill'.  And tho my visit there was a quick synopsis of the process of rug hooking, it provided a little entertainment and communication to what might normally be a hum drum day for some of the residents of the facility. 


  1. How sweet of you to do this! I'm sure the residents were very appreciative for having somthing different happen in their day and I know they enjoyed seeing your beautiful rugs!

  2. I agree with sweet of you to do this..we know how the ladies must have enjoyed every minute of it....

  3. Thanks gals; I should do more and did feel a bit of satisfation in having done this at the nursing facility. Not sure how much they each absorbed but I figure that if the touching and looking brought a sparkle to their eyes it was a great success.

  4. Saundra ~
    I agree with Gayle and Anne. How kind of you to take the time to give a demo and visit with the residents. I worked in a nursing home for 10 years and they so appreciate someone taking the time to visit and talk with them.
    Hugs :)

  5. I love that you are doing this. I often think of our elderly, especially those alone in nursing homes. I have been wondering how I could work with them, and thought of journaling, or music, but...duh! rug hooking. I think I'll offer this over the summer. Thanks for sharing your giving spirit and giving me like-minded ideas!

  6. Saundra,
    Bless your heart for spending time and sharing your love of rug hooking with the ladies there. I have been enjoying your blog very much!
    Cathy G


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