Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sincerely Jane Update

Today is June first so all challenge participants are to post a current picture of their progress.  So I just did the corner which still might have to be changed.  I toyed with the idea of doing a hit and miss with the huge corner of 2 plus triangles, considering that a way to anchor down the look of the rug.  But didn't think it would look right. 

So I decided to do 2 triangles on either side with a narrow section with some sort of design in it.  Frankly I don't think that blob of wool hooked into the corner looks right so will probably, eventually pull it out and do the whole corner in the light wool.  UNLESS someone has a light bulb moment they'd like to share with me that I hadn't thought of.  And I am open for any and all input.

I took two pictures ~ one with flash and one without.  One shows the colors too bright and the other a tad darker than they really are.  So think 'somewhere in between'.

Well for sure those corners ARE my greatest challenge.

And now, an update to my dear new floor stand.  I wasn't able to use it last night after all.  When I purchased my Snapdragon mine was the first one made to accommodate a wooden swivel ball for the Rughooking101 floor frame.  I provided Sue with the dimensions of my yoke and circumference of the ball and Snapdragon was born.  I've been happy for several years using it on the other stand until I saw the adjustable one my friends had.

So, when I assembled my Snapdragon on the floor stand, the yoke and base of the frame were flush.  The reason is that the wooden ball used on my other floor stand is 5 3/4" in circumference and the black rubber ball on the new floor stand is 4 3/4". 

So I wrote to Snapdragon to see if I could get a new yoke and perhaps even a new wooden base.  I was told that I can purchase that and they provided instructions on how I would replace the aluminum legs from the four corners of the top.  Hmmm, why not just replace the wooden base as the metal framing is just fine; that way I won't be tampering with a more fragile part of the four corner assembly.

I've written to them again for enlightenment but know that Sue had an appointment this afternoon so guess I won't find out the answer until later.  But it just seemed like an unnecessary expense to buy all new metal framing when I like the distance this one has but only need the yoke and wooden base. 

It's so terrible to have a new toy and not be able to use it. But sheesh, it isn't as if that is my only option of a frame.... you gals know how that is as we have ALL the toys and back ups for the back ups.


  1. Saundra ~
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your rug!
    Sorry to hear you are having frame/stand issues, but it sounds like you've gotten it figured out.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Hi Saundra,

    If you contact BeeCreek they will quickly send you a new yoke that fits the metal frame ball. I thought I had a spare I could send you, but I gave away. It might not cost anything if you explain that you bought the stand but need the new yoke to fit your frame. I love my stand.


  3. Oh dang, I just shipped my Snapdragon back to them so they can install a new base and buy a yoke to fit....will cost $50 plus shipping both ways. Didn't think to trouble BeeCreek since I figured it wasn't their problem but rather mine. Oh well, was a darn good idea tho; thanks for thinking about me.


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