Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just Finished

Did you check out the new and improved poll to the right?  Yeah, I know it didn't work before because I did it wrong.... I voted.  That was not to be in the equasion so it woldn't take anyone else's vote.  If you havent taken part in the poll, please do so and check back to see how many frames everyone else owns.  I already know I'm a frame-a-haulic so see how you measure up.

Since I've a show coming up July 9th I really needed to get some things accomplished that had either been started or things that just really need to be done which haven't still yet been started.  I hate shows and am getting too long in the tooth to be loading up, dragging these heavy containers, lattice work, tent, setting up, tearing down, loading back in the van and unloading at home.  Yet, that is the way I usually pick up some extra cash for my hooking and wool habit.

So here is the tea cozy I just finished and it is cute as the dickens.  It doesn't fit over my 4 slice toaster but guess I could buy a 2 slicer but why since this one works just fine using half of it.  I could use it to cover up Shadow's meds which I keep on the chopping block to remind me to give them to her.... but, since I can use the cash will put it on my web site and take it to the show on July 9th in hopes to make a sale.  It is adoreable and is a design by Karen Kahle.

Now, if you haven't take the poll to the top right, please do so.  I'll be offering more polls about favorite size cuts to hook, favorite backings to use, and any other poll you think you'd like answers to.


  1. Love the tea cozy. Good luck at your show.

  2. Saundra The Tea cozy looks really good!Boy your a busy gal. I couldn't get on blogger for a day to post I was so bummed. So Polly Minick is doing another book I bet it will be really interesting, Cheri

  3. The tea cozy is adorable....someone will surely snatch it up!


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