Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Goodness but I've taken some detours since starting this rug with Barb Carroll in May so now it is time to get back to finishing this rug so I can move on to other pastures.....so to speak.  Not that the other ones will be greener, just different.  Here is what the lion looks like right now.
Unfortunately I've not been pulling a lot of loops on it because of Ben's new playground being built.  Since it is a friend who is doing the constructing I really feel the need to help and walk behind and keep the area clean so he doesn't have to.  Plus the fact I'm trying to pick up sticks, thorny vines and other debris which I don't want my gentle giant connected with.  Also found a patch of poison ivy and I am extremely allergic to that.  Even if Ben had touched it and the oil from his leg touched me I'd end up being a piece of raw meat.

Right now the only rug which still needs binding is the Foxy mat.  On my list of 'next to hook' is Karen Kahle's spiral rug design and beyond that it is making dolls for my show in July.

Thanks for the visit and hope you stop by soon.  I'm  little tired from working in the heat and humidity of the day.



  1. You always have a rug on the frame.
    It looks wonderful as usual.

  2. Oh, Saundra ~
    I'm lovin' your lion. What a perfect specimen!
    Be careful, dear friend. We don't want you to get poison ivy!
    Hugs :)

  3. P.S. I want to hook Karen's spiral, too!

  4. the lion is just great, me too with the poison ivy! hope you get some rest in the cool indoors. I've worked three days out in the heat, tomorrow I'm keeping in!


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