Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cha cha cha changes.....

You know how that oldie song goes, right?  Well maybe not all you newbie hookers but us olde timers remember how the song goes.  Anyway, I showed you a few days ago how my spiral rug was going and showed you the beginning hooking of the spiral.  When I decided to draw my design out I couldn't find the tutorial on Karen Kahle's blog so drew something from a dish that was 12" in diameter ~ surely that would be large enough, right?  The drawing went just fine the first time and so did the hooking as you can see from my first post.
So then I sent a picture of this to a friend of mine and she asked if there were instructions.  Uh, I couldn't find them for me but for a friend I went above and beyond the call of duty to see if I could delve into the bowels of Karen's blog.  AH HA! found it!!!!!  Check out Karen's design.

So after reading the blog noticed Karen made hers 14" in diameter and 2" between spirals.  Mine was only 12" in diameter and less than 2" between lines so it would look weird.  So I pulled out the loops in mine, flipped the linen over and redrew the design.  Oh but what a mess.  
Not only do I have the holes left from the previous hooking but must have gotten my beginning swirl just off center because I then had to re-draw it with a blue pen so I could see where I was supposed to hook.  and those hash marks to the right were to tell me that was not a good line.  OY!

So then I got brave and started all over again rehooking.  Okay, okay, I gotta tell ya that when I first heard of HIT AND MISS years ago I was sure it was a piece of cake HA!  I didn't find it easy because you not only have to worry about how many of your favorite or accessible colors are too close together but you have to worry about value.  You can't have too many brights or lights and you need to have them separated by mediums and darks.
So finally started hooking but think I've too much color.  Karen's is basic and repetitive and easy on the eye.  So I'll go back to my Lion rug and ponder more about this spiral rug.  I do love the design and use of woolley worms but this can be an "in between" or pick up project when I need more wool cut for the lion.  And, speaking of the lion.... 
I was worried about the close value in the background and the tree on the left.  But in this picture it does work okay.  Besides the lion is the main attraction and the trees should go to the background.  I think I'm going to like it.

And for those of you who follow my Benny Ben he is enjoying his new playground and I'll post pictures of  eventually.  Last night the weather was so nice that I sat an hooked on the deck while he enjoyed his freedom outside.

Thanks for visiting and wherever you are viewing my blog from.... enjoy your season.  Right now it is comfortable here in Delaware, USA but the next three days will be HOT  HUMID AND OPPRESSIVE.  But for WhiskerSUE, you're in winter.


  1. The lion is looking great. I've never tried a true hit and miss before because I know I will find it more stressful than it should be,

  2. love your new "rug". i have got to learn hooking.may be next time i'm in Seaford you can give me some tips. denise

  3. I WAS going to follow along with Karen when she was doing this so many " I was's " I never did.....It seems daunting to me also, trying to keep track of the colors and values, but I should at least give it a try !! See....I think yours looks great !!! And I LOVE the lion rug also...
    I think our weather is similar and yes, HOT, STICKY weather on the way...My Birthday is Sunday and it's supposed to be a scorcher....YUCK !!!

  4. Saundra ~
    Your lion rug is just wonderful, and I know your spiral will be, too.
    We're in for a few hot, sticky ones here in Ohio, too. I am so thankful I bit the bullet and got new a/c before last summer.
    Lucky for Ben to now have a yard to run in! I wish I could bring Annie over to play :)
    Pug hugs :)

  5. We have oppressive heat in Michigan now, too. I'm impressed that you can go right on hooking - the heat puts me into a nonfunctional stupor. Can't wait to see how your lion turns out, since I spent most of the past year doing a lion.

    Phyllis, in Hamburg, MI

  6. I found that spiral challenging. I can never really get the values completely correct. I did make a good dent in the worms though...
    Your lion looks great.

  7. I have a headache from YOUR spiral. I think I am seasick. LOL.

    KK is such a natural. She makes things look so easy. Like Lucille Ball was to comedy, KK is to natural hooking.

    Put it away Saundra.
    Put it away.

    Go back to your lovely lion and hook and sweat in peace. The LION is just to die for!!!!!!

    So happy to hear that Ben likes his new digs! You did a marvelous thing for him. xoxoxoxoxoxox


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