Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Seasonal Swap Mat

Today I received my swap mat from my partner Debra Henkle and I love it.   Not only do I adore watching my birds at the feeder but have numerous bird houses hanging throughout my wooded lot for them to nest in.  So Debra's choice of hooking me this piece was right on target for me.
I'm hoping that Debra isn't reading my blog because I'm not sure if she has received mine in the mail yet or not and don't want to ruin her surprise...... but am taking a chance to post a picture of the piece I hooked for her.  

Since I forgot to take a picture of the mat I sent Debra just went to Rughookers and see she took a picture and posted it.  So...... this is the mat that I sent her.
Normally I don't do the swaps or challenges but this year it was really different and was interested because of the gift Jo-Anne Harris has on pulling people in.  And must admit it was fun.  So I'll end up with 4 seasonal pieces which measure 8" x 8" and can use them individually or I can sew them together 2 x 2 or all four in a row.  But for now think that I'll use them individually and pull them out each season.  And this was a very easy challenge not only because of the small size but it didn't need to be bound perfectly.  All we needed to do was tack it back with no whipping, no cotton binding in the event someone wanted to join them all together ~ and, if not the final owner could bind them how she or he wished.

If you are not a member of you may want to stop by to see about other upcoming challenges or swaps.  There is still the fall swap coming up but Jo-Anne has talked about extending the swaps in the event there were late joiners so they could get all the seasons.  And Jo-Anne has talked about different kinds of swaps coming up so you may want to join Rughookers and read to see what events are going to happen.

The Sincerely Jane challenge was one great geometric piece I worked on which was based on a quilt make by Jane Stickle in 1863; again this was hosted by Jo-Anne.    This is the finished piece I did which was not the original size of Jane Stickle's quilt but blocks I chose to hook using a #8 strip.  Other participants could choose which quilt designs to hook and do their own color planning and border.
It will be wonderful to see all our efforts in an upcoming issue of Rug Hooking magazine and must admit it was fun chatting with others about this challenge during the process.  


  1. Saundra you are one amazing rug hooker. I wish I had your talent!Hugs Cheri

  2. That is an amazing piece. I love the swap gift you received too!

  3. Saundra ~
    Love them all!
    Happy weekend.
    Hugs :)


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