Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I am one happy hooker.... first, and foremost, finally that wicked wug is done!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don't get me wrong, I love the design (an adaptation of one of Polly's Semper Fi rugs), but when it came to just the border and background to do I was bored to tears.  So it is DONE!!!!  Yippee, doing the happy dance again.
Now that I've looked at this picture can see that perhaps I used more lighter value blue in the left side border than the rest ~ but, uh, do you think I'm ripping any out and re-hooking it?  Not on your life baby!  It is staying like this.  And it could also be that there was more shadow on the right, but any way I'm not ripping out wool.

The other reason I'm a happy hooker and still doing a happy dance is that I finally purchased myself another hooker treat..... one I swore I'd not spend money on..... the Euro Steam iron.

After talking to my pal Char, who has one and swears by it, started to reconsider the purchase of one.  But $210 seemed like an awful lot of money to steam rugs so yesterday went on my search for prices.  I found one on Amazon.com for $149 and was still hesitant so before I ordered wanted to inquire with other hookers to see if, since it was made in China, if there were any issues or problems with it.  So far good replies from those who answered.  Went back to the Amazon.com site and there were no more left....HA, ya think?  At that price?  No wonder they were gone.  Okay, back to the hunt again and more research and then found another Euro Steam iron and did the purchase immediately, without hesitation, did not go past GO, did not collect $200, and I'll have it in a couple days.  And, got it for a good price as well.  Heck, I just might pull out all my rugs and steam them all over again.

I'd be very interested to know who of you own one and what your thoughts are on it's quality.... and if you use tap or distilled water in yours.

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  1. Saundra ~
    Congrats on your finish!
    Let us know how you like the iron. I have heard great things about it but that is a lot of wool cash!
    Pug hugs :)

  2. The rug looks wonderful! Such. Relief to have it done I'm sure. I finaly finished my first rug and was so happy, now just to steam and whip.

  3. Hi, Saundra,
    Love your new rug. I think the different shading adds to its charm. The iron will be wonderful, I just have my old iron that it probably all full of gunk from the well water. Let me know if a good iron really makes a different in steaming rugs. Also, can you tell me what cut you used in your Frost rug? I found a nice wool for the sheep and am getting ready to start mine.

  4. Your rug looks so great! I have not even see that iron I have an old black and decker good enough for now.

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Haven't checked your blog for a while, see you have been "retreating" at the Woolly Fox.
    I have one of these irons. Was talking to Sherry several months ago and she told me that they were available at QVC. She had purchased from somewhere else. Have used my iron several times and love it. I have resteamed some rugs that I have had rolled up in crocks. I have always used tap water....I think it says to in the booklet.
    "Seaside" looks great.


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