Saturday, June 30, 2012

End of June Already?

Okay, this is the last day of June so felt the need to make my final post for the month.  I swear it doesn't seem like it has been over 6 months since Christmas.  Which means before you know it winter will be here again.  And would you believe... nope don't think you'll believe it because I didn't believe it either,  when I got the order.  I just sold two Halloween items from my web site to a rug hooker in California.  YUP, she's planning for her October hook-in decorations already.  Was happy for the sale (thank you, and you know who you are gurlfren).  Yet just just thinking about October in this hot humid weather makes me feel cooler.

Here is an update on my lion rug.  I'm trying to make it look like the background was hooked in blocks of whatever wool might have been around at the time for the hooker.  Yeah, this is new wool but am trying for the effect we see in antique rugs.  Same goes for the lion where I've used different gold wool for blocks in areas.  Seems to me that IF you double click on the picture it will increase the size for viewing.  So try that and see.
Still sitting around waiting to be hooked is the 'headache' rug (as Ter'e calls it) since it is a spiral mat and must give her vertigo.  But I'm pondering what to put on my frame after the 'vertigo' mat and the lion.  

I have a rug camp coming up in September at Cape May (God willing and the Cape May/Lewes Ferry rides) so I've that to think about.  Sorta thinking about Wee Folk which is a pattern from the former Vermont Folk Art.  I fell in love with the hooked piece which was originally hooked by Rebecca Erb.  However, I'm sure the lion and vertigo will be done before then.  Soooo, gonna have to choose a smallish mat to hook to keep mama happy 'til September.

Stay cool and thanks for the visit.



  1. I like your lion, yes!
    Hope you have a great weekend, Here it was "only" 105 today, another record breaker. We faired well, the other end of the state was slammed with terrible wind storms, and lots of damage last night.

  2. I just love that lion! The wool in the trees is it out of a patterned wool or several wools? The effect is great. I just started a biggie rug (for me). Gotta post some pics soon!
    Stay cool!

  3. Thanks Courtney. The tree on the far right was hooked using "Turkey Feathers" which is a wool I love and purchased from Heavens to Betsy. I've used that same wool for the tree trunks of my Woodland Deer and the tree trunks
    on my log cabin rug (both of which are posted somewhere on the blog).

    The wool in the tree to the far left is a plaid but cannot remember where I got the small piece. It may have even been purchased at Barb Carrolls rug camp previously and had some left to use there.


  4. Oh the rug is looking so gorg-dwah. How would you spell that one????? I sure don't speaka de French! LOL.
    I love that reddish colored tree on the left!!!! Stunning the way you have hooked the color in. I also love the "turkey feathers". I saw that on Betsy's it. I ordered 2 other colors. I need to find some green's to hook Lola into my current rug. I'm gathering and thinking, while I am not sitting alot and hooking.
    Haha - honey is there anything you hook that we don't like????? NOPE!
    At some point, will you draw a Ben rug????????

  5. Hi Saundra, I am always amazed how much you get done! Great lion. I am working on Egg and I and have ripped out the letters several times. I am doing blocking background too.Happy Hooking Saundra!


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