Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shifting Gears

It's time to put aside my fun time of hooking the lion which was started at Barb's and work on things for my upcoming show in July.  Meanwhile, this is what the king of my jungle looks like now.
And, I was torn about what to do with the dome of the head area.  I'd thought about not hooking anything there for fear it would lose the shape of the head and ears not be noticed.  But then the ears may have ended up looking like horns if the dome were not hooked.  But this morning as I was waking up had an idea that if I used the mane colors and made it look like it was flowing backward it might work... and I think it does.

Back to my show.....There are LOTS of unfinished things and thankfully got one finished  today.   I just finished another Beloved Belindy.  Guess they are making a comeback as I've recently had a few orders for them so thought I'd make another to offer at the show.

Well at least I'll get my hooking fix satisfied tonight as this is another project which I want to take to the beach show.  It's getting close and want this dang thing done!  I'm tired of looking at it and want to move on.
Then tomorrow I'll work on another doll which was started a couple months ago.  Since I prefer hooking to making dolls now, my attention span for dolls is short lived.  So I might cut out a doll or two, make one and the other one sits half finished until the urge strikes me again.  Such is the case with the body parts in my sewing room; but at least they are stuffed, they just need to be assembled, face, hair, clothing, and eventually it will be a doll.

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  1. Saundra ~
    You are just one busy woman! I do love your lion rug. Hopefully you will be able to pull a few loops now and then between dolls.
    Hugs to ya',

  2. I love to see what you are working on. I think you rarely sleep.
    I LOVE the lion rug. Just LOVE it!!!!!!! It's so fun to follow along and see what you are working on.
    hugs to you girlfriend!


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