Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Oh my but I might be exhausting my collection of rug pictures that I've shown you.  So if you see something there that I'd forgotten that has been posted before please forgive me.  Here is a cute antique cat mat design which caught my eye.
This is a gorgeous rug made around 1920.  And can only guess that it is totally hooked with nylon stockings.
Oh my oh my..... just love this very primitive rug.  It sure looks like an antique to me and would love to replicate it one day so only hope I'm safe in doing so.
Yes, this one just below is yet another antique house design that interests me.  Since it is obviously an antique they must have been very wealthy landowners to have such a log cabin home that large.

This is the antique rug from which my friend Shari designed her rug she chose to hook at Barb's.  Story is that Shari knows the woman who now owns it and has the same initials as is hooked in the rug.  It was told to me that the husband purchased it for his wife which was sold at auction.
So this is another cat favorite of mine which I've named Cat Ebenezer.
And still another cat rug which is in the Rugs Underfoot by Joel and Kate Kopp.  I love this one too.  And, while I've owned cats before, they have been Siamese but mostly I've owned Rottweilers.  And, by the way, my two previous Rottweilers (Shumba and Panzer) got along great with my Siamese cat Pyewacket.... yes, named after the cat in the movie Bell, Book and Candle.

Hope you enjoyed the rug show and now to hurry and finish my project so I have something new to talk about tomorrow.

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  1. Especially love the dog and the duck! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Saundra ~
    Thanks for the rug show!!!
    Hugs :)

  3. thank you for sharing, they are all wonderful!

  4. Saundra,
    Loved your rug show! That black cat in the last rug sure looks like the smug cat that ate the canary!

  5. Love the rug show! I like thinking about what they tell us about the times...they are great primary sources.

  6. Saundra, thanks for sharing. It sure gets me in the "Hooking Mood".


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