Thursday, December 20, 2012

Meeting Holiday Deadlines

Yikes.  Monday is Christmas eve!  Tomorrow being Friday is when I and numerous friends attend the Friday wine tasting locally.  Ruth, the manager of store prodded me to go and eventually threatened to come and drag me out after the divorce.  And finally I caved and have found numerous friends so there is a camaraderie and we get a chance to experience wines which we may not otherwise have a chance to drink.

Anyway, tomorrow there is no wine tasting since it will be a very busy day anyway.  So, silly me said that I'd have one here at my humble house.  No, there won't be a lighted driveway with trees lighted and custom parking.  It will be my wooded yard with simple decorations inside.  This is the harvest table where I'll put the cheese and crackers with the Holiday Ornaments rug and some Christmas balls and glitter.

And, as I'm looking at the Holiday Ornaments rug think that I'll change the design to include some lights swirling or hanging over the middle ball.  I do love the way it was designed with the lights at the bottom but the top needs a little more pizazz.
As a side note, those green houses to the left and right are birdhouses which were made using antique parts of the Victorian Chalfonte Hotel in Cape May.  One has an antique glass door knob as the perch and the other an olde electrical something or other.

The various wines and glasses will be in the middle of the kitchen but it will still be simple and don't think that anyone will stay longer than the hour we usually spend at wine tasting chit chatting.  But hey, there's no ABC (Alcholol Beverage Commission) here so maybe it will last longer.

BUT, since I've not cleaned up or decorated and don't know how much I can pull together by tomorrow have no new pictures to show.  Today all day I've been cutting linens, serging and drawing out 16 patterns so I'm somewhat behind..... UH, as usual.

Have a great evening and hope you are further ahead with your schedule than I am.



  1. Saundra ~
    Your wine tasting sounds like so much fun. Sorry I can't drop by {grin}!
    Merry Christmas, girlfriend.
    Hugs :)

  2. Hi Saundra, That Sounds like fun Have a wonderful Christmas. I love your Rug, Hugs Cheri

  3. Well,if i was home there i'd stop by.Enjoy!! and Merry Christmas! Denise

  4. Have big fun tomorrow!, I don't really 'know' you, but I'm just betting you'll have it all pulled together! And if yr guest are yer friends, they won't give a rat's tush if it is or not!!! Merry Christmas!!!

    1. Omg ~ my iPad spelling is for the birds ~ but you get my drift!!

  5. hope you have a wonderful get together! the bulbs will look good on top the rug! Blessings, Merry Christmas!


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