Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hooking Art UPDATE

I wrote to Deb telling her I posted a picture of the purse she gave me as a gift and that she should look at all the wonderful comments people were making.  This afternoon there was a message from her saying she had one one etsy.  And here it is:
If you would like to take a closer look at the purse, or check out her jewelery, trinkets for embellishing and other items for sale, click HERE

This beautiful, fanciful purse was hooked by my friend Deb and was given me as a gift.  I did use it as a purse maybe twice and people that I didn't even know stopped me to inquire and look at it up close.  Then decided it was too pretty to use and put it on the wall as a work of art.
As you can determine, Deb relied mostly on value rather than color to achieve the results.  I would think that is quite a challenge and would try to force myself to take a blide eye as to color.  It is a little difficult to see in the picture, but she has eyelashes, and earrings on each side.  Deb is a great embellisher and her studio is full of all kinds of trinkets, wool, yarn, fabric, and she even does basket weaving.  Quite a talented young lady for sure.  This is it hanging on the wall.
The winds and rain here is daunting and we are to get a few inches of snow to boot, in addition to the rising tides and flooding.  Hopefully I won't lose power.  Hope you in the path of this storm, whatever form it is taking, will come out unscathed.

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  1. Wow...That purse is amazing ! I can see why folks would want to take closer looks at it !!
    Hope you are ok through the storm...My sister lives right outside of Pittsburgh , and texted me at 4 am , how she awoke to a " Winter Wonderland "...Hmmmm...that is a not the term we here , more north in Pa., use to refer to snow from overnight...It's more like.. " snowed again !!!"

  2. I agree with Robin - that purse is amazing. Definitely a work of art

  3. That purse is fabulous!! I'm sure it's very eye catching out among the world!! Thanks for sharing ~ I'd be carrying it everywhere!!!

  4. Yup, my friend Deb is very talented indeed. Perhaps when the weather gets better I'll remove it from the wall and take it shopping with me. I'm sure to be an attention getter for sure.

    Thanks for the comments.


  5. Wow what an awesome gift and what a beautiful purse. I probably would hang it on the wall too. That is beautiful. Very talented gal indeed!!


  6. Just amazing, I just signed up for a mask class really out of my comfort zone but I felt I need to stretch a little

  7. What an amazing gift.
    I would wear it with moxie !
    It makes a statement - bold, artistic, thinking outside of the it !

  8. Saundra ~
    Not my style but I am still in awe. It is truly amazing and gorgeous. A real treasure.
    Hugs :)

  9. ... this is a beautiful piece of folk art and I would wear it with pride too!

  10. That purse is awesome,such a great folk art piece.Praying that you stay safe during the storm.Hugs,Jen

  11. What a fabulous gift. she is very talented.


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