Thursday, June 20, 2013

Finally a Few Loops Pulled

About 2 p.m. this afternoon I finally pulled a few loops on the new pattern.  It took some restraint, some personal fortitude and plain old German stubbornness to get all the yarn whipping on Oh Deer done first. 

Perhaps part of that was drilled into me as a child growing up in a middle class family who worked hard for what they had.  There was no room for instant gratification back then and understood you must work an honest day's work and save for what you wanted.  Heck, there was no such thing as plastic money, it was cash and carry.  And if you were lucky enough to have local people give you a product on 'account' you were bound by your integrity or that of your family had established which you would not tarnish.  I believe those were very good values taught back then.  Anyway........ moving right along.

Guess I've teased you long enough and are wondering what design I'm working on now.  It is a design called Westmoreland Ponies which I fell in love with in our cabin at Woolley Fox
You can see Oh Deer on the sofa which still needs the remainder of the stitching down on the binding; but at least the yarn whipping part is done so I'm halfway there.

For those of you who have not taken a class at Woolley Fox and stayed in her cabins, you don't know what you're missing.  Last month is where I saw her recently hooked design Westmoreland Ponies.  The first night's arrival I noticed it was a new rug in the cabin and that other rugs had been shifted around.  But then I picked up that rug and looked at every row of hooking, the colors, the texture and by Wednesday knew that I MUST come home with the Westmoreland Ponies pattern to hook for myself.   While there I also purchased a little wool which was in Barb's version but some wool I already had or something close enough. 

Must say it feels good to be working on a pattern again.  And (sigh), yes, guess you can look forward to the boring updates on it's progress.  I'm a happy woman hooking again.... ah, now that's the life.

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  1. So happy you will be boring us with rug progress. I know it will be another wonderful one.
    Happy hooking!

  2. It is a treat to be up close and personal with all those Woolley Fox rugs!!

  3. That's gonna be a GREAT rug! off to a good start....


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