Monday, June 10, 2013


I've spoken about my pal Deb a few times and last time was just after our May Woolley Fox rug camp.  Here is a picture of Deb and me standing in front of the Guest House a couple years ago.
There is something about Deb I didn't mention that happened at Woolley Fox.  Okay, it is day 2 mid-morning and we gals are way involved in hooking our rugs.  I happen to be at the color planning station with Barb and I hear one of the other girls say, "Deb just received a package!"   It happened that Deb left to go to the Woolley Cottage so wasn't there to receive it.

So I piped up with, "Oh, it's yet another package from her husband Skip" (I'd gotten accustomed to this activity).  And I continued, "he does this all the time.... he sends her chocolate covered fruit, candy, flowers and anything else special".  I know her husband Skip and he truly is a wonderful husband, but he is even a more special father to their two grown girls.  By the end of the class there were women wanting Deb's husband to teach a class on 'How to be a husband' and the women were signing up their men.

Deb is a very artistically creative person who cannot wait to be of retirement age so she can create as many hours a day as she can.   She beads, does enameling, is a bear maker, doll maker, hooks, does needle punch, quilts, does basketry and I'm sure there is more that I've forgotten about.   Here are just a few of her rugs that I have pictures of; Hildefern pattern by Woolley Fox.
This next one is a design by Bev Conway and I forget it's name.
Next is Glad Tidings sold by Spruce Ridge Studio and is a design based on the artwork of Lori Brechlin of NotForgotton Farm.
Another rug is Peace and Plenty, another design based on the artwork of Lori Brechlin.
One just finished hooking is Have you Any Wool, a design by Woolley Fox.  As you can see it hadn't been bound when she sent the picture.  I have this pattern too so is on my list of MANY to be hooked.
Deb has hooked a large number of rugs and like most of us have several UFO she wants to finish but her day job and daily duties use up a lot of her time.  And Deb has hooked many more rugs than I've shown but guess I just don't have the pictures.  Next time I'm at her house I'll have to take more pictures.  OR, perhaps I'll e-mail her and tell her to send me the pictures of rugs she has hooked. 

Frankly I'm surprised she accomplishes a much as she does.  And she also has an etsy shop, take a look at her "hooker" bracelets; I have about 3 of them and wear them all at once when I go to rug camps.  Also have her scissor fob which I find to be special.  

I'd planned on adding pictures of yet another 'sista' of mine, Char.  But after doing this on Deb realized that my gal pals each need their own special space.  OH MY, but if I did that just know I'd hear from my pal Char ......  that would get her IRISH up.  She doesn't like someone taking pictures of her and definitely doesn't like being the center of attention.  Luv ya Char.

Gals enjoy the sisterhood and the special times each of us share with one another.  I must say that I'd be lost without those special times spent with my gal pals.  We have a common bond that needs to be enjoyed, shared, and expressed to keep us fulfilled.  Family does that but so do friendships, kinships, sisterhoods.  That is what rejuvenates us and makes us sane enough to go back to the real world of living.

Thanks for dropping by and please be kind to one another.



  1. Such pretty rugs and a great story.
    and a good laugh

  2. Deb sounds wonderful! How lucky you are to call her friend. I stopped by her Etsy shop and she has some cool stuff!
    Hugs :)

  3. You are too kind, my good friend!
    Can't wait till September to be in Cape May together,

  4. Beautiful rugs. What a nice post and it sounds like you have an awesome friend.


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