Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Woolley Fox Camp Rug

I think this is the fastest I've hooked a rug, but then it isn't as large as some I've hooked.  Oh Deer (24 x 33) was started At Woolley Fox the morning of May 20th and I finished it on June 9th.  But there was lots of catching up from post camp laundry, drawing patterns and yard work which intervened with my finishing it earlier.  Yesterday I steamed it but it still hasn't been bound. 
As soon as the last loop was pulled on Oh Deer and even before it was steamed yesterday, I retrieved the Henny Penny rug which is what I'm working on now.  And it is fun getting back to it.  The break was nice but now am enjoying working on it even more.  That is why I like hooking on more than one project at a time. 

This one won't go on the floor right away; once bound it will be rolled up and saved until it goes to Cape May for the rug show.  Then when it comes home think I'll put it on the floor in front of my kitchen sink where it will get a little mellowing out. 

Presently there is a Crow and Corn rug that has been there since 2003 which shows very little wear.  Yet to me it is more attractive than when it was first hooked.  Can you believe it has been there for 10 years?  If I could complain about something it would be that I am frustrated with the way the yarn whipping separates over time ~ you can see it particularly to the right side and bottom of the rug.  So think it is time for this fella to have a rest.
Could be it will be under foot at the sink once again one day after I repair the whipping.  The crow had a special meaning to me beyond my finding the design attractive.  My departed Rottweiler Panzer (the goofy boy) was mesmerized by crows and would leap up like he thought he could take flight after them.  He did the same thing with turkey buzzards in our area.  Bruce and I would laugh at his antics while his more serious mother Shumba was the more serious of the Rotties.  But then her son never left his mother's side so he had mommy to be the protector over him and he could be the silly boy. 

But something that I'd not thought about for a long time...... the day that we lost Panzer and came home from the vet office, there were probably half a dozen or so buzzards sitting in our trees.  It was if they were saying goodbye.  And, from time to time I will find a huge feather dropped and always bring it home because it is a Panzer buzzard feather gift.  OMG, as many years as it has been since his departure this still brings tears to my eyes.

Oh well, may as well finish it by posting a picture of the Rottweiler Memorial rug I did of Shumba (foreground) and Panzer. 
And the bottom picture is the one from which the rug was designed. The top picture is Panzer and his mother playing with a lost baseball. 
By the way, Ben reminds me of Panzer sometimes.  Ben has Panzer's affectionate side and some of his silliness but not nearly as goofy as Panzer.  And, there will never be another Shumba, Panzer or Shadow.  Ben is a wonderful companion and feel so lucky to have adopted him and he has his own special personality as well. 

Thanks for dropping by and reading my dribble.  Just remember that lots of big dogs get bad raps because of the way they are raised and bred. 



  1. My DIL has a boxer named Wilson and he is so well behaved he puts most children to shame. She loves that dog like you have loved yours.

  2. your are a rug hooking diva! Amazing. I too love the look of a rug that has been walked on. It give them a softness.
    it is always hard to lose a beloved pet.

  3. Love your Oh Deer ~ it's really colorful ~ very eye catching!! I know what you mean about your doggies ~ my Floyd has been gone a long time but talking about him can bring tears just like it was yesterday. He was my litle black granddog ~ I loved that dog dearly!! Love your rug of Panzer and Shumba ~ a sweet memory!

  4. Saundra, your rugs are lovely !
    I am taken with the crow and corn.
    How very unique.
    My eyes welled up with tears as I read about your pups...
    My dog lived for an unbelievable 19 years. I still cry when I think of her. It sounds like Ben has a terrific home. ;)

  5. I totally agree with that about big dogs. I think it is how they are treated. We had a doberman when out kids were small and most gentle, kind dog there ever was.
    What a loving tribute to your dogs.
    I don't know how I would ever live without a dog.
    Your rugs are always are so pretty.
    I like the crow and the ear of corn.
    It looks really nice.

  6. You sure did hook Oh Deer in record time and it is wonderful! I am a big chicken and only put a rug in a very low traffic area. You must be neater in the kitchen than I am.
    Great dog stuff. Love the Rottie rug and the picture you based it on.
    Pug hugs :)

  7. I shed a tear for my first rottie every time I thought of her and she’s been gone for over 10 years. My current rottie is smart and sassy and I love her dearly but they can never replace the ones that came before. Your rug is gorgeous!


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