Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Binding Oh Deer

Tis sad but true that I'm still binding Oh Deer.  The excuse is that I've been extremely busy drawing patterns.

There are numerous ways to bind rugs and I've tried most except for the braided and crochet edge method, perhaps one day I'll try those techniques. Usually my plan is to hurry and get the undesirable task done quickly.  But when at Barb's last month decided to see how she bound Sante Fe Crossing.  AH HA!  I'd forgotten about that method even tho I had used that techique before it had been a while. 

Barb shows the method in her booklet "The Secrets of Primitive Hooked Rugs".    In this picture you can see that I'm whipping yarn to the edge of the cotton binding close to the last hooked row.  Then when that is done I'll tack down the edge facing the inside back of the rug.  Look how well the colors match the wool.
This whipping will not extend beyond the last row of hooking but rather will lay beneath the rug and just under the last row.  As you can see it is a varigated colored skein of yarn and all the colors work well with the rug.
In the picture below you can see the skein of yarn and how well it goes with the wool colors in the rug.  Yeah, it is color sensory overload with the plaid of the sofa, the hooked foot stool, yarn and Oh Deer, but you get the idea and understand how lucky a find the yarn was.
And here is the pile of patterns that has been keeping busy again.  Just as it a appeared that I was done this morning, .....not so .  Before these were boxed up I received an order for 3 new designs which I enlarged and have since drawn up 2 of the 3.  I'll save the last one to draw out tomorrow over coffee and ship.
Meanwhile, I'm having a bad case of the shakes and think I'll start hooking on the new project tonight.  Won't have much to show since I've wool to cut but it's a thrill to have something to look forward to hook again.  No wonder I like having more than one project going.  Both my rugs are done and there is nothing fun.... only binding.  Time to change that.

Have a great evening and thanks for visiting me.  For any newbie hookers, please feel free to write me with questions.  Don't know that I'll know all the answers but I know that I've been where you are right now and can help you thru that.



  1. So....I am a newbie.i have finished two little pieces (started by my daughter and I about 8 years ago)!,,, I see some hookers put what I think is the binding on before they hook that right? Not at all sure how to begin the binding process. Thanks for our help.


  2. I am a fairly new hooker I've been hooking for about a year and completed 5 rugs. Only one is a large rug the other 4 are all probably 18" x24". My question is I have bound them all with wool strips. Is there a way when using wool instead of yarn to do it where you don't have a bulge when you start a new strip? Is a slight bulge ok for primitive rugs?

  3. I am so inconsiderate asking questions without thanking you for the time you give to your blog I truly enjoy reading and following your hooking. Thanks

  4. I have been hooking for lots of years and the finish of a rug has always perplexed me. I know there are so many ways. So I have chosen to sew on the tape or wool before I start the rug or whip the edge without the tape.

  5. I'll have to dig out the book and take a better look at that finish.
    Still nothing on my frame either...sigh. I have 2 patterns on linen that are next, nothing too big, but hooking both for a friend. I still have to finish binding my hearts and clovers but had my grandson tonight so got nothing hooky done but it's worth it spending time with him!
    Looking forward to seeing what is next!
    Hugs :)

  6. In all my years of hooking, I have not seen this finish before. Funny how we always use the same tried and true ways without venturing out further !
    Your pictures are great, thanks for sharing Saundra.

  7. Susan,
    Thanks for your post. When I first started hooking that is what my first teacher said. But then later teachers said that it wasn't a good idea for a couple reasons. one is that perhaps you decide to change the size beyond the design (I've done that), next is that sewing the binding on first inhibits the natural growth of the linen once the loops are pulled and expand.

    I've done both and survived both scenarios. Must admit it IS easier to sew binding on before the hooking begins.

    Thanks for dropping by.


  8. Glenda, There will be a slight bulge with shipping with wool strips and that is why I usually have as long a strip as possible, so that I don't have to stop and start so often. I don't do a knot, but rather weave it in and out of the hidden backing, leaving a tail before starting to whip. And then do the same thing when I end the strip.

    Thanks for dropping by


  9. Saundra - That wool you used for whipping the edge of your rug is so delightful and perfect for this project! I've never finished a rug this way, but it sure looks nice. Can't wait to see your new design!


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