Monday, June 3, 2013

JUNE Applique Stitchery

Guess my head has been spinning since coming home from Woolley Fox rug camp and trying to catch up....or rather stay afloat.  Time went by so fast that I forgot to post a picture of my June Stitchery which was done in 1997. 
For you new readers, this is a twelve month stitchery by Jan Patek, then of Indygo Junction patterns, and my intentions were to either finish each piece nicely for the purpose it is being used here (sofa table deco) or perhaps eventually putting all together for a quilt throw.  Well neither one got done as is evident.  This would also make a cute hooked mat idea.

However I cannot begin to think about my next hooking project until the Oh Deer and Henny Penny pieces are completed (both designs of Woolley Fox).  But, would you believe while at camp I did purchase a new design and some of the wool for it?  Won't give away the name of the design just yet...... after all, a lady does have to have some secrets.

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  1. Love the stitched piece. You are always so busy I wish I could stay on track I get side tracked to easy.
    I can't wait to see what else you picked up.

  2. LOL we have a sickness. Always thinking, planning, buying, accumulating, the next project.


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