Saturday, June 8, 2013

Challenge in the Dye Pot

Win some lose some; this time I lost.  Since I'm not an expert dyer who can dye by eye and know how to manipulate recipes, the project didn't turn out as I'd hoped.  Unfortunately that is what usually occurs when there is a specific color wanted.  However, the wool will be used and I'm glad it is toned down some.  The wool on the left side is what I started with and the wools on the right side were the result of using 5 tablespoons of Silo Silver recipe from Vermont Folk Art dye booklet.
Last year I took some of that Scottish wool to Woolley Fox and Barb loved it.  She told me to send a sample to Betsy for her to have it milled.  Barb said it had a real old 'rag' look to it which would give age to a rug.  It was used in my Lion and Trees rug (below) in  a few places.  Since the light threads stood out I'm sure the over dyed wool will be even better to use now. 
But it won't be used for the project I had in mind because I was trying to replicate the color of the other wool to be used as a background.  There just may be enough background wool but it is a better comfort level if you know there is more than enough to do the entire background. 

There are factors which alter the results of a dye project ~ well water will produce a different result that city water.  Locality has an influence as does whether it is a drought or rainy season.  So even tho one may have a wool sample and recipe to go by, you may or may not get the same results depending on your water.

I'm envious of you who can manipulate wool color during the dye process.  My friend Lynne Fowler is one of those people.  And frankly I'm not sure that even if I dyed wool every day that I'd be able to do add a spec or two of another dye to turn the wool to the color desired. 

Oh Deer is just about finished then I'll finish Henny Penny.  What's on your frame?

Have a great weekend.



  1. I still haven't tried the dye pots yet. One of these days...sigh.
    NOTHING is on my frame. I finished my cat and mouse ~ now there are 3 rugs that need to be bound. UGH! I need to get busy on my next project. It's for a birthday this month. I'm guessing she won't get it on time. That's the story of my life.
    I'm off to visit a friend today so nothing will get done but that's okay. Still too icky to do yard work so I don't feel too bad.
    Happy hooking.
    Hugs :)

  2. I am like you I dye using a recipe I can not adjust it to eye and don't think I ever will. If I dye for some special project I am always disappointed.
    I do love the color it became but if it is not what you were looking for it is always frustrating.

  3. I love reading about experiments with dye. I have yet to get the same color twice. Even though I follow directions closely.
    I still keep trying. I don't know if I could ever try for the same color twice though. I always think any day is a good day if you get to dye wool. It is a very pretty color.
    I am hooking a cow. My first one for a buyer. I am over thinking it too much. So I am not enjoying it like my regular hooking.
    I think I will be relieved when I am done.
    I can't wait to see more of your work.
    Thank you

  4. Ha! I never try for a specific color so I am always delighted with the result. I am not a PERFECTIONIST
    Iike you. Love ya!


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