Thursday, July 10, 2014

All Work and No Play......

....makes Saundra a very dull girl and absent blogger.  Since life duties and a commission piece has been my central focus I've not done much else.  Don't have a new rug I'm working on and still have two rugs to bind.

With that in mind I decided to post a few pictures of some antique rugs found on Pinterest which was a treat for me to visit for some break time entertainment.

Be still my heart.  When I saw this picture it indicated this was a picture from ebay.  OMG, who would want to sell it and wonder how much the lucky recipient had to pay for this beauty?  Oh, the person who took the picture is guilty of having feet in the 'foto' too.... like me.
This was entitled "Cornacopia" but it has the appearance of the scrolls which I was very intimidated to hook yet am strangely drawn too. 
This antique style rug is, I believe, known as scallops or shells and perhaps other names that I'm not familiar with.  I'd expect this would be a great way to rid yourself of those woolie worms and make an antique looking rug.  Note to self....put on list.
Do you remember me hooking this rug below and I called it the Granny Geo?  I found this one just now on Pinterest and it was called the Blanford Cross.  I used wool from my stash as a hit and miss so it may have been a little more interesting to hook with a color theme.  However, my reason for hooking it was to reduce my pre-cut wool stash.
Another new love is this lovely from 1907.
Well kiddies, I think the rain has lessened and it is time for me to take my boy Ben for his nightly walk and get back to work.  Yes, hooking for someone else, but this is work and helps feed my addiction to buy more wool and go to rug camps.  So guess it is a double edge sword.  Have a great evening everyone.



  1. Oh, I LOVE that eagle rug.
    I'm sure you will complete your "j-o-b" soon and get back to some fun hooking.
    Hugs :)

  2. *****the "scrolls" rug is titled the "old nutfield" is very famous and owned by w. cushing and
    company in kennebunkport, me. therefore it is NOT up for free
    drawing and hooking. also, it is approximately 36 x 65 in size.

  3. Oh, that lion within the red circle is so stately and lovely !
    Beautiful rugs ;)


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