Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Old Project, Present Project and Newbie Tidbit

Cannot remember if I posted a picture of the antique adaptation of Pot of Flowers or not but here it is if I didn't.  As you can see it still needs binding.  Figured since I was going to do an update for the Mache Jack-O-Lantern pattern I'd post a picture of both at the same time.
Here's what my Mache Jack-O-Lantern design looks like now; one picture with a flash and one without.

It is quite helpful for me to see pictures of the rugs on my monitor even if the colors aren't the same as in person. At least it points out areas of concern for me and things which need changing.

And, for you newbies who may have read my previous blog post about "hooking what is on top first" the photo above shows you how to do that.  Notice that the Jack in the back still has the hooking going in the direction of what WOULD BE it's normal shape.  Therefore the rows of hooking will run INTO the sides of the other Jacks instead of following the shape of the other Jacks.

Have a great evening everyone.  I've thoroughly enjoyed this mild July weather today.  Tomorrow will be my day to do yard work so not sure how much hooking will get done.  Grass needs mowing and thorny vines need pulling, and more rain coming I've got to get control of this acreage before it encroaches on my front and back door step.



  1. That is really coming along nicely and it is nice to be able to see photos, it helps with how it looks overall.


  2. Jacks are lookin' good! Another one almost done. Woo hoo!
    Here I sit for the umpteenth time trying to get help with my email. I am so frustrated I want to SCREAM!!! I keep getting disconnected and when I finally talked with someone, I was assured within 2 hours I'd be up and running. NOT!!! Sorry, I just had to vent.
    Hugs :)

  3. The Jacks are looking good! Nice repro flower pot adaptation. It has been deliciously mild up here the last few days. Hoping the humidity stays at bay...more rain on the way. Good for the garden. :)


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