Friday, July 25, 2014

Mache' Jack-O-Lanterns Update

Sure wish I  had an almost finished project to show you but don't...sorry.  Am still working it out and finally decided to stop, take a picture and post it here so I can get a bird's eye view on what I've done and determine what to do next.

My 'plan' was to make these Jacks look like the vintage ones I remember seeing as a kid and wish I had in my collection now.  Hmm, frankly don't think we ever owned one as a kid so maybe they were too expensive for our family even back then.  Come to think of it my brother and I used pillow cases to collect our small amount of Halloween treats and had to turn the cases upside down to get to our reward.

This is what I've accomplished thus far.  I'm trying to make the Jacks look they have wear.  The one on the left is supposed to show some wear and rubbing on the lips, cheeks, top and bottom.  At a distance it looks better than when it is just under my chin while working on it. 
I would like to make all three pumpkins a little different in design and color because there were different manufacturers of the Jacks and each would have different wear.  Plus, some had the green at the bottom or top or perhaps on both.

All I can say is this is more fun than doing a commission, although the commission does...."show me the money".

Have a great evening everyone and enjoy the weekend.



  1. I like how you did the new pumpkin, really does look like a vintage pumpkin.


  2. They really do look like the old mâché pumpkins!
    Happy hooking.

  3. Your pumpkins look nice & primitive !!

  4. What a fun pattern!
    You have captured the vintage pumpkin look!


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