Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mache' Jacks ~ One Down Two To Go

Today I managed to get  a few more loops pulled, the one jack is finished and just barely started another.  Before posting this picture I wanted to have some background hooked and pull a few loops along  the curved beauty line inside.
Not sure which texture I'll use for the beauty line or perhaps a mixture of both.  It will probably take a lot more hooking on that line before I'll know.  Heck, it's only one row so it could be easily switched out with a little reverse hooking.

As you can see on the linen, the dimensions are 14.5 x 25.5.  This will be a nice size to put on my harvest table this FallOween.  If anyone is wondering, it is my design and eventually will be a pattern I offer for sale.

The past several days have been unusually pleasant for a July in Delaware but the party is just about over.  Heat, humidity and storms are to arrive tomorrow.

Hope your evening is good and tomorrow even better.  Please be kind to one another...let's all play nice.



  1. Liking your Jack! Will be a great fall rug.

  2. That looks nice against the dark background, love those colors.


  3. Happy Jacks! Looks great! Neat to watch creativity in progress. :)

  4. Love your happy jacks but not ready to change seasons yet. We have been in such a great stretch just perfect but it is over here too back to the heat and humidity.

  5. We had the heat and humidity today but no storms :( Tomorrow we will be back in the mid 70's which is a bit below normal but oh, so pleasant. Pumpkin #1 looks great!
    Hugs :)

  6. Great start on this fun piece.
    I remember carrying around a big pumpkin with a handle to collect all my loot on Trick or Treet night. Funny, now adays, the kids carry BIG bags and even have to empty them to keep trick or treating ! Times have changed ;)


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