Monday, July 7, 2014

Some Rugs I've Hooked

Since I'm still working on the commission rug thought I'd feed your thirst for blogging and show you some rugs I've hooked.  The one below is a design by Bev Conway.  The original design had the hens sitting on a large egg each but I wanted them on a bed of straw.
This is Birds and Pomegranates, a design by Edyth O'Neil and it was taken from the pattern offered in a book, but forget which book right now.  It is residing somewhere in the New England states.
This is Two Chickens, a design by Polly Minick .
 The one below I named "The Olde Gals" and was adapted, with permission, by the quilt designer.  I added the tree outline and grass for framing.  Before deciding to hook this my plans were to hook Deanne Fitzpatrick's "Coastal Girls".  But since I was going thru a divorce decided the olde gals needed to stick together; they may no longer have the youth and beauty but they were wiser and a strong lot who had the friendship of one another for support. 
This is an antique adaptation and I chose to hook only one of the two horses.
Obviously I've many more rug pictures that I've hooked but this will give you a bit of eye candy when you need a hooking fix.



  1. thanks for the fix...would love to hook a chicken rug for a friend some day...yours is great...

  2. These are all wonderful rugs, always fun to see what others have done and the wools you use, tempting me to pull out a rug.


  3. You hook the neatest rugs!
    I hope the commission rug is hooking quickly.
    Hugs :)


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