Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mache' Jack-O-Laterns Update

At least that is what I'm naming them now because it was the vintage paper mache Jacks which are at a premium price if they can be found, that I was trying to capture.  There are two down and one to go.
Funny thing is that I was happy as a clam with the first one I hooked (on the far right) but then when I hooked the one on the left thought he looked more like a real vintage paper mache Jack the other.  Still haven't pulled any loops on him yet so will wait to see what the middle Jack looks like after he is hooked.

Many designers have versions of Jacks and I've admired and hooked a few of them.  Although I didn't want to do a fine hooked realistic piece my intentions were to still get the look of a vintage paper mache Jack using a primitive style; I'm using #8.5 strip hooking everything and the dimensions are 14.5 x 25.5 for the piece. 

For you newbies just joining my blog you may wonder why I didn't hook the middle Jack first.  My learned hooking teachers taught me to hook "what's on TOP first". 

Have a great evening and you on the east coast enjoy this low humidity and cooler than July temps.



  1. I think you are doing a great job. I too liked the 1st one then seeing the one on the left I am in awe on how dead on it looks to the real thing.

  2. I had no idea one was supposed to hook "what's on top" first. Thanks for the tip.
    Hugs :)

  3. Hooking 'what's on top' makes so much sense, I am actually doing that with the 28"x48" vertical Cowboy Rug I'm working on now. I'm hooking the front of rug, or bottom, and hooking backwards to the distant sky. I love your JACKS!!

  4. Another hooky tidbit for this newbie. ;) I like how they both look.

  5. I always heard to hook from the middle, lol.
    I go where I want, since I like to hook some parts to see how it will look before I decide on the rest.



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