Friday, July 18, 2014

Oh Dear.... What Next?

The commission piece is done, I'm binding the rug to be sold and still have another yet to bind.  Plus, this delightful pattern by Star Rug also still needs to be finished; I started the binding but got side tracked. 
Since there is nothing new on my frame....YET, and since my creative juices have been floating in my brain, I'm not sure just what will go on my frame next.  But I must say I'm getting fidgety, my hooking hand is shaking and I'm beginning to get frustrated and unsatisfied. 

Today I did sketch one thought but not the whole piece as the border hasn't been decided. That one is a fall theme. 

And, being in the heat of summer celebrations thoughts of my youth, dancing and being happy and free is another theme.  I might work on both ideas but realize fall is coming sooner than the next summer celebration. 

So.....while in my wool room today saw a pattern purchased from Lucille Festa.  It was during one of my classes with her in Ocean City, MD a few years ago that she had this design hooked and I fell in love.  I knew Hobo Joe was a must have pattern. Today I stumbled upon the pattern and even tho it was planned as a cut-out figure maybe I'll hook it in a rectangular shape ...not sure yet.  Guess that depends on whether or not I get my mojo juices flowing to start something of mine.
Lucille, must tell you this guy is still beckoning me and I LOVE him still.  Hobo might be on my frame next unless I can get my groove on.
Have a great night everyone. 


  1. I don't have my groove on either. I haven't pulled a loop in over a week! I have several on linen sitting out but just can't get started. It won't happen tomorrow but hopefully Sunday.
    Lucille's pattern is just fun. I'm sure you will be hooking something soon.
    Hugs :)

  2. The pumpkin rug came out beautifully and I love the pumpkin man, that will be a fun piece to hook.


  3. Great pumpkin!! Hobo Joe is a fun looking piece. Can't wait to see what your noodle has doodled. :)


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