Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Dolls and Santa's

The Olde Ducks Magdalena design is still on my frame and still isn't fully hooked.  So......haven't started the new one.  So thought I'd show you some dolls and Santas I've made and perhaps sold, over the years. 

The cute snow gal below is called "Betty Duz" and was a pattern Ali Strebel and her partner sold when they were a team at Kindred Spirits.  I loved this doll, made and sold several when doing shows and my DIL loved it so much that I made her one.
Look at this huge hooked Santa on a dummy board which was hooked by Annie Lee ~ Santa is taller than she is.  With her is Joan Strausbaugh.  Quite an undertaking and well executed!
A Santa I made years ago and still own.  Face of sculpy, velvet and fur clothing, wool fleece beard. 
A primitive hanging santa holding gifts.
Santa with white wool coat and vintage stripe pants holding candy cane. 
Here are a couple folk art santas which never did sell and I think they are adorable.  Sewn with canvas, stuffed and painted with acrylics.
And this is Freezin' Frannie, another pattern and I forget who by now.
Well folks, as you can tell I'm just trying to entertain with a little this and that during the holiday since the Olde Ducks hasn't made much headway.  Have a great Friday.



  1. Lots of fun santas and I do love the life sized one, that would be fun to do.


  2. Wow, now that a big hooked Santa. He's awesome...
    You have quite a collection of cute Santas and that big doll in the chair is lovely.

    Don't fret with the Olde Ducks. The rug will eventually get done at the right time. Life is too short' work on what is calling to you...
    Good Night.


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