Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yup, Time for Another Rug Show

Since the Olde Ducks isn't done yet and haven't started hooking on the new project, figured it was time to show some antique and folk art hooked rugs. 

This is a sheep dog watching over it's flock.  Look at the almost goggle or glasses appearance on the dog.  Makes me wonder if the hooker did a stylized hooking of light circles around her dogs eyes or it she was making a point to indicate the dog was spectacular at looking over its flock.  Interesting either way.
A floral with penny circles.
Nice antique rug from New England which I believe has been adapted by other hookers.
A hooked rug of the old whale ship Stephania.
This moose rug sure got lots of use.
Pocahontas, John Smith and Powhatanc, 1930.
Red Chickens yarns sewn rug.
 Interesting Maude Lewis kitchen, look at the art and hooked rugs.
A  Grenfell rug.
Since I had a dog rug the post needs to have a cat rug for the cat people.
And now for folk art hooked pieces by Nancy Gertrude Smith.

Hope you enjoyed the show.



  1. Thanks for the rug show. I especially love the moose rug. My daughter has a rustic decorated house and loves moose so a adaptation of this would be a good rug for her. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Wonderful rugs and I love the dog with goggles, wonder if they did that on purpose or it was just a strange choice of colors around the eyes, lol.


  3. Thanks for the great rug show. My favorite are the dog with goggles, ... and those cool chickens.

    I haven't touch my hook yet and my tree isn't up yet either.


  4. It is amazing what some can do with wool and an imagination


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