Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Update on Olde Ducks

I feel like such a bad blogger when doing updates on rugs I'm working on.  Yet, when looking at other blog sites who post updates on their progress it is interesting to me. 

HA, maybe it is I'm the one with the problem.  Maybe it is because I am ready to move on to my NEXT project... ya think?  I'm so close to being finished with Old Ducks yet it seems so far away from my starting hooking the next one. 

Today I got in the 'zone' pulling unrelated wool colors to hook in the rug.  It feels so good to use up worms.  And yes, I do cut wool for a few darks and lights when what I have is either too thin or too thick.  But am still reducing my worm stash, which is wonderful.  Oh my... I just looked at this photo on my blog and compared it to the original antique and now want to pull out loops.  I've got to consult my expert Evelyn Lawrence about this and send her this post. 
However, I've already drawn out my next project, have already found some over dyed wool I did eons ago which match and I'm ready to go.  But just may be pulling out loops on the Olde Ducks first.

Have a great evening.



  1. Love how it is coming out and it is almost done.
    I tried punching with yarn on verel and it was a pain in the neck, the verel is too tight for the fat tool and my skinny one is too long, so gave up. Think it would be easier to hook it.


  2. Oh Saundra,
    Just leave it as is. It looks wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs :)


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