Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Olde Ducks

Well I missed posting yesterday, December 1st, but was just too exhausted from working in the yard on such a mild day.  Knowing rain was coming today knew Ben's playground needed to have as many leaves raked as could be filled in the dumpster, and also needed to have final grass cutting and mulching done for a clean area for the boy.

So while a lot of hooking didn't happen on the Olde Ducks here is my progress.
As I looked at this picture see things that are way off from Magdalena's original.  Yeah, was taking a few liberties here and there and even thought about pulling out some loops.  Instead will use walnut dye to age the undesirable light wool.

Some of the wool in the ducks was cut wool from yardage and some worms.  That middle baby duck really needs walnut dye as it looks like way too much new wool.  The background and rest of rug so far has been hooked with all my left over worms. 

Oh but those worms really need to be reduced and hope this rug will help. 

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. I like it, still looks prim with the various shades. I was thinking, if we want to reproduce it, wouldn't we want to fade it, not darken it;)


  2. Loverly!!!
    We had the mild temps Sunday and I was out cutting grass and hanging greenery. Now it's back to Ohio cold ~ UGH!
    Hugs :)

  3. Like your duckies a lot. They make me smile.


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