Friday, December 12, 2014

Da Ducks are Back

I'm going to work hard to finish Magdalena's Olde Ducks during the weekend but have yard work to do too, which will slow down my progess.  There's nothing like having another project lined up to get one motivated to finish another.  Just a tad bit more to do here.
On my next project I'll take you along on my journey step by step.  I've already begun pulling wool, but will also use some worms.  Plus I've thought about the binding I'll use ~ different for me. 

Have a great evening and hope you have been out and gotten your holiday shopping done, otherwise you are still driving around the mall parking lot trying to find a parking spot....or in a long line of holiday shoppers.



  1. I haven't been able to get out in weeks, so hoping to find some smaller stores and avoiding the big ones. I miss shopping though, fun to see all the christmas decorations and festivities.


  2. So close! I miss my hook.
    Still have more shopping to do and I am NOT a shopper.


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