Friday, December 26, 2014


Detour hooking project is over, Christmas day was yesterday and now my journey can continue on my antique adaptation of "Cherries and Candy Stripe".  For those of you just checking out my blog this is the antique rug my project was inspired by.  The original antique was 30" x 75" but I wanted something smaller for my harvest table.  My design measures 14 x 35 for my table.
This is what I've accomplished so far.  I chose to use a tan against the light stripes rather than goldish as the original hooker.  But remember the other hooker used what she had. 
Yes, I did all the pre-finish work and even sewed on a stripe cotton binding since it will be on the table and not on the floor.  Besides, I know exactly this is the size I want and finishing will be a lot easier having done this in advance.  That said, IF I was working on a pattern and thought maybe I'd make the border wider I'd have waited to finish at the very last.

I adore antique rugs and it is SO MUCH FUN trying to replicate the antique look using what is in my stash.  Sometimes I don't get close but do keep trying as I love antique rugs and think about the women who came before me who hooked them.

Check back on my progress.  Even tho this is a small piece I'm not sure it will be completed in 2014 since weather tomorrow is good and yard work needs to be done. 

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas with family, friends and furry friends.  Ben is laying by my side snoring with a full belly from goodies and play with his new toys.  This is my exhausted adopted Rottweiler.  He was 3 years 7 months old when adopted.  Please consider adoption.  I've a good, loving, friendly and loyal dog.
Have a great evening everyone.  I'm hoping to get yard work done tomorrow before colder weather comes in BUT plan to hook on my new project so it can be logged into the finished projects of 2014.  Stay tuned.



  1. Love how that looks and I love the binding you added.
    That is something I would like to do instead of using yarn edges.


  2. Your rug is looking great and you got a lot done on it. I had a houseful of family and barely had time to sit to eat. lol. But it was a fabulous Christmas all the way around.

    I love how you sew your binding before hooking.

    Ben does look satisfied. Santa was good to him.


  3. You must plan on doing lots of hooking in the next few days. Lucky you! It's lookin' good.
    Hugs to ya' :)

  4. Wow! Saundra what a great antique rug to base your new hooking project on! It looks wonderful so far and love the colors you're working with! I need to start using up some of these never ending scraps and worms here too!
    Benny dog looks so content and I'm sure is dreaming of all the toys and treats!
    Wishing you and Ben much happiness and blessings in the New Year!!
    Cathy G

  5. This is gonna be a FUN one! I love watching your rugs progress...

  6. Oh, I do love tis rug!....and, of course, your sweet boy.


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