Wednesday, March 1, 2017

An Interview with Elaine Allerton

YIPPEE, my first responding volunteer; thank you Elaine for participating.  What a better way to welcome March than introducing rug hookers to one another.  We see the names posting on Out of Hand Rughookers but it will be nice to get to know one another on a more personal basis.

Elaine lives in Ontario, a Canadian neighbor.  I'm sure everyone will enjoy these rug photos you shared with me and your rug hooking journey.

Elaine said her friend wanted to learn how to hook so she went along for the ride ~ that was 1995.  Elaine said "what a ride it was!"  She cannot believe how much joy and wool she has welcomed since then.
Above is her own design and was the first rug she hooked.  WOW, she certainly put me to shame on the first project.
The inch mat is an original design by Elaine which she has named "Year of the Rooster".  Nicely color planned too Elaine, the pop of yellow surrounds the rooster and focuses in on the subject.
She loves primitives but says her style changes back and forth to bright landscapes where she can use wool, wool yarn, sari, and wool sweaters to give the rug lots of texture she enjoys so much.  The primitive rug above is called Harvest and is a design by Lori Brechlin of NotForgottenFarm.
The landscape design above was hooked by Elaine and is a Block of the Month by Deanne Fitzpatrick.  If you tap on the photo you will be able to see the various textiles which Elaine incorporated into the rug.

Her winter hooking spot is the 'hooking room' listening to music or audio books.  In the summer she sits outside on the deck to hook and listens to the sounds of nature.  

Elaine says she "....has been inspired by so many hookers ~ including my work".  Ah, I paid her to say that last part, lol.

Am so glad my friend Shari inspired me to do this segment on my blog as I'm totally enjoying seeing people's work and learning more about the people who follow my blog.  What surprises me is the response; you won't believe some of the great hookers who have happily responded to yesterday's post.  Will take them in order of response so hang tight as you will each be featured.  This is fun and can't wait until tomorrow to showcase the other wonderful hooker.

Have a great evening everyone.


p.s.  If the link on the word HERE isn't working for you then go to my proile page and choose to email me.


  1. Hi Saundra,
    Such a wonderful idea and so happy to learn more about Elaine! I thought about responding to your questions but decided I didn't have much to share so I will happily enjoy reading the other stories! Thanks so much for sharing this and just know you and some other bloggers have truly inspired me!
    Big Heart Hugs~

  2. What fun!!! Elaine is a very versatile hooker.

  3. How nice to know a little more about Elaine...this is so much fun!

  4. Wow! Beautiful! Hoping I get this good!

  5. Her first rug ! Yikes that was a big project , beautiful !


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