Thursday, July 6, 2017

By Popular Request.....

There have been a few inquiries about purchasing the Magdalena Goat rug pattern which I discovered early January 2017 and subsequently hooked.  

The comment on my blog was... I wanted to hook it before offering the pattern for sale so others could see how mine was hooked. Well, seems I never followed up and have people questioning.  Here is a photo of the rug I hooked with a flash which washes out the colors.
Next is a photo of the one I hooked without a flash.  So somewhere between the two photos is how it actually looks in person.
Then below is the photo of the original Magdalena Goat I discovered early January 2017 at an on-line auction site.
Immediately I sent all the information and close up photos provided by the auction house to my friend Evelyn Lawrence.  She has done the research on Magdalena Briner Eby for years.  Out of respect for her I held out blogging my find or even starting to hook it until Evelyn hooked the rug first.  Here is Evelyn's rug and cannot wait to see hers in person at Cape May rug camp this September.
Notice sweet Evelyn kept more true to Magdalena's original hooked goat horns than me.  

Since there have been several inquires I will also send an email to those folks who have purchased Magdalena's Domestic Zoo patterns from me.
The dimensions of the Magdalena Goat pattern are 29 X 35 drawn on Dorr natural primitive linen, cost is $80 plus $7 priority shipping within the US.



  1. If I wasn't such a slow hooker and have so many ahead of me I would hook this. I just love it.

  2. Love all the versions,,, love the old fashioned mats especially the magdalena ones, they intrigue me,,,, thanks for sharing,,,

  3. Just LOVE-LOVE-LOVE your version Saundra! And I have to agree with Cathy, if I wasn't such a sloooow hooker with so many projects waiting for me to tackle...and who still works 7 days a week with my business, I'd "jump right on this" pattern! I've watched its evolution...and have loved your process all along the way! Thank you for sharing Evelyn's version, the original & yours side x side. Fun to see these all! ~♥~ Diane

  4. Hi Saundra,
    LOVE EACH ONE and they are all so special!!! So fun to see how each one is similar AND different, too!!! This is such a wonderful pattern and one I would love to hook someday!! Truth be told, I would love to hook ANYTHING, but still have to wait for my shoulder to heal!! Till then, it is penny rugs and other things to keep me busy!! Thanks so much for sharing these and as Diane said, it has really been fun to see your progress!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend!!
    Heart Hugs~

  5. I hope you get plenty of orders...this is one amazing rug...

  6. It looks like a complicated rug to duplicate. You would have to really pay attention to the colors.
    Well done.


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