Wednesday, July 12, 2017

And More Rugs

Goodness but I've given up trying to pin down a date when a rug was hooked.  It takes time running to the rug and checking on the label.  So will just show numerous rugs in succession in descending years according to my distorted records.

This is an antique adaptation of a pattern I replicated and from the provenance given named it Red Bird of PA.  Even tho the bird isn't red perhaps originally hooked it may have been red and faded.
Hooked a rug named July Cabin which was a free to copy and enlarge in a Woolley Fox book.  I'd become increasingly comfortable making changes to a design to suit my home and my tastes.  The original design had flags as leaves, the smoke going straight upward making the rug taller.  So my changes reflected the tree leaf colors that sweet Barb Carroll helped me color plan for the Woodland Deer rug.
A small candle mat was needed so hooked an Edyth O'Neill.
Another antique adaptation which I called Lions in the Woods.  After seeing numerous antique rugs with similar design and colors chose the elements from those which I liked best.  After it was hooked it was sold and released to a buyer who also appreciated it.
While drawing patterns for Polly she gave me permission to hook any of her designs.  And I've hooked quite a few.  This is her Seaside Swimsuit.
I sold the companion piece first and was surprised the swimsuit one didn't sell. So it is still here if anyone would like to purchase it for their summer cottage.  Here was the companion Beach Oar which did sell.
That year also hooked Baa Baa Dorr.
Another year at rug camp with Barb Carroll I wanted to do something special for her again.  In a previous visit had taken a photo of her Woolley Fox sign and drew up a little mat for her.
Delaware doesn't have lions but I've managed to hook 5 of them so far. Her is one named Lion and Trees which is an adaptation offered by Port Primitives.
Another antique adaptation pattern I hooked was Ducks and Eggs nest which was a Canadian hooked design.
That year I hooked another Polly's designs and hooked it twice.  Her original pattern called Daleview Farm had 3 chickens, but she wanted the pattern smaller so hooked two chickens instead.

When at Barbs that year I noticed her hooked rug Westmoreland Ponies and just HAD to have the pattern so purchased it from her.  Little did I realize it had been in Rug Hooking Magazine as a free to enlarge pattern design.  HA!  Guess I need to pay more attention to those wonderful freebie designs to hook in magazines.
Another horse of a different color and only half of an antique rug attributed to Magdalena (1885 Horses) was hooked by me.
Magdalena's Dog was a small and quick mat to hook.
Okay guys and gals, think this wraps up this blog post so that I can work more on the Gossip rug.  Must get more accomplished before the bolt of linen arrives (hopefully today) as I've a few Magdalena Goat patterns to draw.



  1. so many more great rugs Saundra...glad I don't have to pick a've given me more inspiration today as I want to hook a few small pieces to sell and donate the proceeds help animals needing wheelchairs...

  2. Love the rug show, you have done so many beautiful rugs and some I have never seen before. I did find the first one online and had planned on making it someday. I have an old stack of rug hooking magazines I got years ago, need to go through them again.


  3. Hi Saundra,
    Even MORE wonderful rugs!!!! I can't pick a favorite because I love them ALL!!
    Thanks for sharing your hooking journey!! I have truly enjoyed it!!
    Have a great week!
    Heart Hugs~

  4. Wow! What alot of beautiful mats!! They are impressive!! Love them all,,, must lookthat pattern of the ponies up,,,, remember it,,,,
    Thanks for the show!! Take care,,,

  5. I love the ducks and eggs rug. I'm not sure why but I'm drawn to it.
    Must be the quiet colors.
    You got lots of rug hooked and I haven't seen them all yet.


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