Thursday, July 20, 2017

Need a Break?

Well it isn't a true break from 'my rugs' because this is my current project, the Gossip rug which I want done so badly!!!!!  My plan (wish) was to have the rug done by tomorrow as that is the 2 month mark since starting it.   You can see the diverse blue and purple strips used in trying to achieve a feather look.
Guess I shouldn't complain for not having it done because I've been busy drawing Magdalena Goat patterns and more patterns for Polly to hook.  

It was definitely too hot to work outside today so only did errands and rode bike to get the mail instead of walking.  Ben only wanted to go for his early morning walk; noon and 4:15 he walked outside and walked right back to the front door.    

Have a good evening and hope your A/C is working.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    Love that feather with "baby blue jay" under the worms!! If he gets hungry enough, he may even eat one! lol
    Still hot here too, and now we have humidity with the onset of Monsoon season!! Our AC is running all the time and I am keeping COOL!!
    Tell Ben he is one smart pup!!!
    Take care and happy hooking!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. Lookin' good and so close!
    My A/C is working but not as it should be. I guess I need to break down and call for service :(
    Hugs :)

  3. ooh so close...the feathers are amazing...

  4. Love how you are doing that feather. We are hot too but no air conditioning. It mostly cools down at night and I have air conditioning at work so its all good.

  5. Even with air in the house, it is too hot, lol. Bean doesn't care what the weather, he wants to go out all the time.


  6. Almost,,, almost,,, wow,, heard its hot,,, yikes,,,
    We dont have air conditioning at our place,, but not much heat this summer!! Nice today,, beach day,,, happy hooking, saundra!

  7. Ha!! I know exactly how Ben feels. I was happy not to need to work outside yesterday. How did we ever survive without a/c?? You are so close on the rug. It is going to be a beauty!


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