Tuesday, October 16, 2018

At Least a Day (or more) Late

Yeah, that pretty much describes it.  It's October ~ the month when pumpkins and Halloween festivities are in full bloom.  But I failed to post one of my most favorite original designs in time for people to purchase.

As a child I never owned a paper mache' pumpkin.  Then one year decided to design my own pattern for the hooked version of Mache' Jack-O Lanterns.  The pattern measures 15" x 35" drawn on linen for $38.  
Here it is on my harvest table with a purchased crow and a paper mache' pumpkin I made when living in Columbia, MD and made with a group of friends.  With the cost of the antiques this will be my only paper mache' Jack-O-Lantern.
Today I had my flu shot.  There have already been flu cases reported in our area already.  It normally takes 2 weeks for the vaccine to become effective so hope to be protected when attending rug camp. 



  1. oh I like your rug I don't have any old Halloween either. I just purchased a pattern on line I will not get to this year as I have switched to Christmas for a gift.

  2. I can't believe you made that mache Jack. Such talent :)

  3. Awesome mat, saundra!
    Very reasonable,,, wow,,,
    So perfect for this time if year,,,
    We would get our flu shot but my husband has a cold! So waiting for next week now,,
    Lots of bugs ariund here, too,,,
    Flurries in air here today!
    Take care,,,

  4. Love your Pumpkin rug !!!! I just got my Flu shot last week , next up the pneumonia shot …..being around my little grand kids who always have a runny nose , I scrub my hands & hope I don't get sick . Happy hooking !!!

  5. such a fun rug Saundra! it captures childhood memories from long ago ~ and WOW! you did a great job on your mache jack there! I would have thought it was an early one if you didn't mention you made it ;)
    always enjoy your postings my friend ~

  6. Hi Saundra,
    That rug always makes me smile and you did such a wonderful job with each face!! Your paper mache jack is AMAZING and what DON'T you do well?? It really looks great with your rug!!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Heart Hugs~


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