Tuesday, October 2, 2018

You've All Been Waiting & Important Message

Many have inquired about my Cape May project and wanting to see it.  There is a story to tell about this camp choice.  First, the pattern was given to me last year at Cape May by my friend Evelyn.  It is a pattern from Nola Heidbreder named "Golden in the Garden".  This is a pic of the rug pattern on Nola's web site.
Close to time for camp thought I'd let Evelyn know I was going to hook her generous gift but letting her know I was changing the dog from a Golden to a Rottweiler, in honor of my boy Ben.  She approved.  It wouldn't be realistic but primitive in keeping with the pattern theme.  

So this is what my version of the design looks like ~ it still needs to be steamed and bound.  OMG, it looks so different in the photo and is so washed out.  The shell on the snail isn't pink at all ~ I hate camera flashes.
Anyway, my boy Ben is in place of the Golden to suit me.  He isn't drawn in perspective as there was only so much space allotted where the Golden was drawn.  I started hooking the face which appears larger than the body.  But ya know what, it was his face and heart which was most important anyway.  So the smallish of the rest of him doesn't matter in this rug.

The rug will lay on the floor beside me where I hook and where he would lay looking thru the window.  This was a very fun rug to hook at Cape May.  Lucille did a great job guiding me to make it more my colors.  Uh, although she did say my reds were too bright.  


Some people (newbie hookers and uninformed) think because I changed the major focus of the design I could say it was my design.  Not so.  It is a pattern design by Nola Heidbreder which I took "creative license" to make the dog my boy Ben.  

I CANNOT sell patterns calling it Rottweiler in the Garden.  BUT, if I use my boy's image and make the background totally different, then could call it my design.  Just a little 'heads up' to keep everyone straight.

Enjoy hooking everyone and THANK YOU Lucille.



  1. I love the story and it's even more special since you hooked your dear Ben. Sweet tribute to a sweet boy ❤️❤️❤️

  2. what a beautiful rug to honor Ben...

  3. I love your version and that it is not in perspective.


  4. It looks great! I thought the pink snail was clever (until you said otherwise.)

  5. Love , love ur mat!
    Its so awesome, saundra!!
    Wow,, yyou got it finished!
    Good for you,,,
    Love all the color in yours!!
    Cant wait to see what u start next!
    You are very productive,,,,

  6. I love your changes it makes it personal to you. Lots of things on the internet about copyright lately. I know there is always questions but I have never seen so much. As my husband says you can't teach common sense.

  7. I love your rug and your personalized version. So many memories for you! We heard those 2 little words a lot when we were in Vermont.....too bright, too bright! Lol!

  8. What a sweet tribute to Ben. Can’t believe you are done with the whole rug!!

  9. Hi Saundra,
    Your new rug is just wonderful and love how you personalized it with the tribute to your sweet boy Ben!! Now it will feel like he is right there with you as you do your favorite thing......hook!!!!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Heart Hugs~

  10. Love your rug !!!! What a special memory of your sweet boy , Ben .

  11. I think everything is just right Saundra!


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