Sunday, October 14, 2018

New Project and Decision Made

 As both previous rugs had been bound I needed a rug to keep the hands busy so pulled something from my stash.  It is Horses and Hearts, a pattern purchased last year at Cape May for a song.  The dimensions are 21 1/2 x 38.
After purchasing the pattern with no accreditation I started inquiring about the design.  Then learned it was a pattern by Marion Hamm and had been published in an American Country Crafts book with a free use photo.  The original design had 8 horses but whoever drew this one out chose to have only 6 horses and I'm quite happy with just those.

This will be something for me to work on from now until rug camp early November.  Am quite sure I'll not be finished hooking this one in 3 weeks as there will be yard and other work to do before camp.  

I made my decision on what to hook at camp.....this is my project and will draw it up this week.  It is the one I'd intended to hook at camp but got wishy-washy.  Then after posting the line-up of victims that was the one that moved me the most.
Not sure my rendition will be as grungy as the one above but will try.  I'm sure the ladies doing #3 cut roses and bright florals will think I'm off my rocker.  That's okay as I hook what makes me happy and it will live in my house.

Welcome to unadulterated FALL Y'all.   I finally broke down and turned on my heat earlier today to raise the temp and then turned it off.  Some folks have reported having an early snow.  Now THAT I don't want to see any of yet!



  1. Always busy and never at a loss for a project. We are truly in fall now 34 this morning. But no snow

  2. You hook so fast! And beautifully.

    Turned my heat on last Thursday and have the feeling it won't be going off. Great weather for hooking.

  3. The horses and hearts is a wonderful piece and love how yours is coming along.
    I am glad you are doing that rug, can't wait to see how yours comes out.


  4. What a fun camp rug that will be.
    I, too, broke down and turned on the furnace today. A day I always dread!!!

  5. Yikes,,, we have a report of that s word tonite,,, flurries!! Yikes,,, not yet,,,
    Got our propane fireplace on,,, ffor sure,,,
    Like fall weather,,, not ready for winter, except I have tons of wools and patterns to keep me busy all winter ,,,, ha ha,,!
    That horse mat is great!
    All ur mats are!
    And the one u picked for camp, wow,, love it,,,
    Great planning,,,
    cant believe uts half over,,, october,,,
    Take care,
    Thanks for sharing,,,

  6. I love the horses rug that will look amazing when done! I also LOVE your camp rug you chose! Will you be drawing up the pattern for sale as well?? Would love to hook that one too I love the grungy look of it and would love to try to do that too?? Thanks love all your inspiration! I love reading your post in my emails every day! Make me smile! Hugs Linda oh yes had to turn the heat on too! Guess better pick the rest of my pepper tonite too!

  7. nice article great post comment information thanks for sharing.

  8. wonderful rug for camp...what size are you making it? I'm prepping for a few Santa rugs...then on to a few larger than my normal rugs...furnace is on but only at 60*


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