Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Both Finished

Am happy the last two pieces are all hooked, steamed and bound.  I think Lady the Donkey has the sweetest face, she is an antique adaptation.  Her bridle is hooked with antique paisley.  
Below is the original antique, I hooked Lady in brown instead of the grey to remind me of my grandfather's mini-donkey.
Previously shown when only partly bound, is Nola Heidbreder's Golden in the Garden pattern which I took creative license to make it look like my boy Ben.
Last Saturday there were two dead trees cut and dropped.  Here is what one of them looked like last Saturday.  It doesn't look that bad at this angle but believe me there were a lot of big and small limbs removed from that area.
Before any presence of Michael and expected rains it took several trips to haul as much of the brittle limbs deep into the back of the woods as possible.  Uh, yeah, by myself.  Today this is what it looks like. 
Sorry for anyone hit with the initial surge of the hurricane.  For this area of Delaware Michael is to bring anywhere from 2" to 7" of rain.  Depending on the direction of the wind/rain will determine how much I get.  But since I live in a flood zone can imagine it won't be pretty .....AGAIN.



  1. I hope you stay high and dry. Love your donkey so sweet. Lots of hard work getting those branches into the woods. we are not in for much of it at all. the cold air is going to push it out to sea. yeah for cold air

  2. Oh geez I hope at least the mosquito population is dead.

  3. Love ur sweet mats,,,,
    Good to be done, done!
    Wow , more rains ,,, weird weather here , too,,,
    Hot , hot for us,, tturning back to cool again today,,,
    I am glad about that,,,
    Thats alot of work, saundra!!
    Too much,,,,
    Take care,,,,

  4. Hope you don't get flooded !!! Love your Donkey ...the colors are beautiful !!!

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Your rugs are both wonderful and I really love the colors of both of them!! So happy you got them all finished!! I know that was a lot of work to drag all those branches to deeper woods!! Hoping you don't get flooded with all the rain expected!
    Stay safe and dry, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. They are both beautiful rugs and I love how you put your own personal touches in them.


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